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Vault over the competition with our FIFA 20 Volta Football guide

Take to the streets and win with our FIFA 20 Volta Football guide

FIFA 20 Volta Pose

FIFA 20 features many of the same modes we saw in last year’s game, but one of the biggest additions is Volta Football. A street-based take on the sport that shrinks the pitch and only involves a handful of players, Volta Football is a dramatic shift away from how the FIFA series is typically played.

The smaller scale and stripped-down nature of the game make Volta a good choice for those unfamiliar with soccer games, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park – or parking lot. Volta Football favors certain play-styles and skills, and we’ll provide you with the FIFA 20 Volta tips you need to come out on top.

How to play Volta Football

FIFA 20 | Official VOLTA Gameplay Trailer

Volta Football games are played with between three and five players on each time, and depending on the rule-set you are using for a particular game, they can be decided by either a goal-tally-based system or a more traditional timer.

In the “rush” style three-versus-three games and four-versus-four games, there is not a traditional goalkeeper, with the defender in the rear instead acting as another passer and shooter when they are not blocking access to the net.

The Street with Keepers option uses a larger net, traditional goalkeepers, and can be played with four or five players on each team.

An additional mode called “Futsal” also feature rules and formations more like traditional soccer, but we will be focusing on the street modes that stand Volta out from the rest of FIFA 20.

Volta Football eliminates some of the mechanics and rules that are associated with traditional video game soccer matches. There is no offside penalty, meaning that you can have an attacker run by all defenders before accepting a pass and scoring a goal.

There is also no stamina mechanic, so you can sprint indefinitely, though the small size of several included pitches limits your effectiveness here.

Pitch size varies depending on the location you choose, with some being about the size of a basketball court while others are significantly smaller. Certain locations also have walls going around the perimeter, meaning that you cannot knock the ball out of bounds in most instances.

The goal itself is also much smaller than in traditional FIFA matches. You will need to be careful with your shot placement, as you can easily send the ball wildly off its target if you’re still in the large-scale soccer mindset.

Volta football tips and tricks

1. Keep your defenders back

It can be very easy to get possession of the ball as a defender in Volta street football and then start making a dash for the opposing goal. If you see a clear opening, it might even make sense.

However, if you do this and lose possession immediately, you will be leaving your net wide open, and you will have very little chance to stop the other team from scoring. Stick to passing the ball to your midfielders or attackers in order to keep someone in proximity to your own net.

2. Don’t get too fancy with shots

FIFA 20 allows you to do all types of different shots, including “chip” shots and carefully-placed finesse shots, but these moves aren’t necessary for success in Volta Football. The ball will actually stay lower to the ground by default in the mode, making it easier to line up shots from farther away if need be.

However, the small size of the nets also means you still risk bouncing the ball off a wall or knocking it out of bounds. Don’t be afraid to get very close to the net before taking your shot, or even just dribbling the ball into the net when you can.

3. Master the through-pass

By pressing Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One in FIFA 20, you can perform a “through-pass” to a teammate, which aims where they are going to be by the time the ball arrives rather than where they are currently standing.

Because there is no offside penalty in Volta, you can use the through-pass to open up huge holes in the defense and score an easy goal. Just don’t force a pass into very crowded zone, as it can get intercepted and turned into a goal for the other side.

4. Use the walls to your advantage

FIFA 20 VOLTA Gameplay

Playing on a Volta pitch that has walls? They can do a lot more than just stop the ball from going out of bounds. Instead of passing the ball directly to a teammate, try banking a pass off the wall, making it more difficult for defenders to stop it.

You can even pass the ball to yourself if you line the pass up correctly, which can momentarily confuse defenders long enough for you to switch positions.

5. Control Revvy directly

As you play through the Volta story mode, you will have the option each game to either control the entire team or main character Revvy directly. We heavily suggest you pick the latter option, at least when you’re starting out, as it gives you the chance to call for passes and learn where your teammates should position themselves. The computer-controlled players are also smart enough to push forward to receive passes, as well, so you can still rack up assists.

How to make the best Volta team

FIFA 20 VOLTA team

As you beat teams in tournaments across the globe while playing Volta, you will have the option to recruit new members to your team. Not every player is eligible for recruitment – you can’t have children, for instance – but you can quickly improve your squad by choosing players to replace your weakest links.

Revvy plays an attacker role by default, and Syd will be guarding the net or playing as a defender. This means your midfielders will be the first to replace.

As with modes like FIFA Ultimate Team, you can place a player in any position you want on the pitch, but they will not be effective if playing an unfamiliar position.

Additionally, getting the highest possible team chemistry requires you to have everyone playing their preferred position, so make sure you have enough of each position in your roster to fill out the whole starting lineup.

Don’t forget to spend your skill points, either. After a few matches, you will have accumulated enough of them to improve several areas of Revvy’s game, including finishing ability and passing.

They won’t seem like major necessities early on, but by the time the Volta World Championships roll around, you’re going to need to pull out all the stops in order to win.

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