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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to find all six Happy Turtle flyer locations

Early on in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade‘s Episode Intermission DLC, you learn about a Happy Turtle location coming to Midgar. After arriving in town, you’re tasked with heading to six Happy Turtle flyer locations to retrieve the ads and return them to Old Snapper.

However, the only direction you’re given is a vague list of clues. To help you track down everything you need, we rounded up all six Happy Turtle flyer locations and how to find them.

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How to start the Happy Turtle Ad Campaign side quest

You will automatically unlock the Happy Turtle Ad Campaign side quest during chapter 1 of the Intermission DLC. Progress through the story until you reach the Residential Area of the Sector 7 Slums. Once you’re there, you need to head to the Avalanche base to talk to some of the members, who will point out interesting things to do around town. One of those things is to talk to Old Snapper.

Right next to the Avalanche base, you’ll find Old Snapper swinging a sign back and forth. Talk to him — he should be marked on your map — to pick up the Happy Turtle Ad Campaign discovery quest. He’ll give you a list of clues of where to find the six Happy Turtle flyers scattered around the Slums. Along with the clues, you’ll hear the Happy Turtle jingle whenever you’re near a flyer.

Happy Turtle Ad Campaign: All Happy Turtle flyer locations

First Happy Turtle flyer

The first clue says “some kids hid one somewhere,” which is the vaguest clue of the lot. Thankfully, this one is easy to track down. Head southeast from Old Snapper to find a group of kids playing (still in the Residential Area). Behind them, you’ll see a stack of cardboard boxes. Smash through the boxes to find the Happy Turtle flyer posted on the wall.

Second Happy Turtle flyer

The second clue says “floating through the air.” This flyer is attached to a balloon in the Sector 7 Slums, and you need to use your weapon to pop it to retrieve the flyer. Head east from the last flyer and take the first path heading south (still in the Residential Area). At the end, you’ll see a group of kids standing in front a balloon. Walk behind the balloon to trigger the prompt to throw your weapon. Throw it, pop the balloon, and check the ground to find the flyer.

Third Happy Turtle flyer

The third clue says “near Old Snapper’s friend’s apartment building.” The apartment building is the motel you sleep in during the main Final Fantasy 7 Remake story. Head there — located in the northwest section of the Residential Area — and go up to the second level. You’ll see a dog sleeping at the end of the upper level, and you have to sneak past it to get the flyer.

Using the boxes, sneak up the balcony while the dog sleeps. The dog will wake up every few seconds, so only move up one box at a time. At the third box, wait for the dog to sleep again and check the wall next to the box. You’ll find the flyer there. The timing is tight on this challenge, so pay attention to the dog’s patterns before moving.

Fourth Happy Turtle flyer

The fourth clue says “a cat took one on Culvert Street.” You’ll find this flyer at the northern tip of the Residential Area by following a cat back there. Yuffie will make a comment on it, so you know you’re heading in the right direction if you hear the dialog. After following the cat, you’ll end up in a location with a bunch of cats messing around with various pieces of trash.

The one you’re looking for is behind some barrels in the back of the area. Head behind them to find the flyer.

Fifth Happy Turtle flyer

This one is easy. The fifth clue says “on the town bulletin board.” The bulletin board is located on the path to the train station in Pillar Plaza. Head toward the train station and stop when you reach an intersection with three paths. If this is your first time visiting this area, you’ll trigger a short dialogue scene. At the intersection, find the bulletin board. The flyer is posted there.

Sixth Happy Turtle flyer

The final clue says “near the old Talagger factory,” which tells you exactly where this flyer is. From the last flyer, head through the door with a guard standing by it to enter the Abandoned Talagger Factory area. You’ll fight a few mobs of enemies as you progress through the facility. Your goal is to reach a secluded section in the southeast section of the area. There, you’ll find two tough enemies that you’ll need to defeat before grabbing the flyer.

They’re a challenging fight if you just started the game. Make sure to equip your Ice Materia before battle, as that’s the only weakness the enemies have. As long as you can hit each of them with a Blizzara and follow up with a string of attacks, you should be able to build up the stagger bar and take them down. If not, return to this area after your party grows.

After finding the final flyer, you can teleport immediately back to Old Snapper. Talk to him to complete the quest and earn the Magnify Materia and Turtle-Tastic bronze trophy.

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