Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Debuts

final fantasy xiv trailer debuts ff14

Soon, millions of people around the world will be kissing their free time goodbye (along with girlfriends/boyfriends) when Square Enix releases the next Final Fantasy MMO next month for PCs. Like all Final Fantasy games (not counting the spin-offs), Final Fantasy XIV is not a direct sequel to any previous entry in the series, but it will be the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy XI as the second MMORPG under the Final Fantasy banner.

FFXIV takes place in the land of Eorzea in a time a peace. A mysterious eastern power called the Garlean Empire decimated the most powerful city-state of the time, which forced the remaining powers to band together. The expected invasion never occurred, and after 15 years later, the jobless soldiers and mercenaries have begun to form guilds to go out on adventures.

The new game will offer five playable races, and four “disciplines” (although more may be announced, and expansions might further expand the choices). Each discipline will offer several options based on the items equipped.

A collector’s edition of the game will be available for the PC on September 22nd, which will include a making-of-DVD, an art book, an in-game helmet that will boost your stats, and a few other goodies for $74.99.  A standard version with the same game but minus the extras, will be released internationally on September 30 for $49.99. A PS3 version is slated for early next year, to be released on March 8, 2011.

For now, enjoy the trailer below. Oh, and if you were wondering, surcease means cessation. Thanks Google!