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Forspoken cloaks: all cloak locations and abilities

Frey is from New York, but she can’t wear her normal attire for long once she’s whisked away into the fantasy world of Athia. Among Frey’s new duds is her flowing cloak. Aside from looking awesome, this is one piece of gear in Forspoken that you can swap out and upgrade for stat buffs. It may not seem like a particularly strong armor piece, but once you see how much a good cloak can improve your abilities, you’ll be glad to know how to get them all.

What cloaks do

A cloak menu in Forspoken.

Cloaks serve as Frey’s primary piece of gear, along with necklaces and nail designs. They give different stat boosts, can be upgraded, and have a nice visual flair too. You will get them through a variety of tasks, such as defeating bosses, found in the world, and completing quests.

All cloaks, what they do, and how to get them

Name What it does How to get it
Hooded Cloak None Unlocked automatically during Chapter 3 of Forspoken
Pelerine Cloak Critical Hits Can Restore Health Trade For One Poppet in Cipal
Stranith Cloak Debuffs on Self Recover More Quickly Trade For One Poppet in Cipal
Valorous Cloak Surge Magic Recharge Rate Boosted When Cuff Blocks Complete the Ligare Village in The Guardians’ Way area of Praenost
Dauntless Cloak Damage Taken When Cuff Blocks is Reduced Complete the Brass Cavern Cave in the Brass Hollow area of Praenost
Unstoppable Cloak Attack Magic Triggered during Parkour Deals Extra Damage

Reduced Damage When Landing

Complete the Militis Academy in The Mustering Ground area of Praenost
Judicious Cloak Immune to Dazing Complete the Gyuzel Village in The Water Garden area of Avoalet
Faultless Cloak Improved Critical Hit Rate When HP Is High Complete the Molybdos Guild in The Untrodden Forest area of Avoalet
Infallible Cloak Recovering from Defenselessness Boosts Surge Magic Recharge Rate

Flow Effect Lasts Longer

Complete the Kabosharr Village in the Golden Hills area of Avoalet
Audacious Cloak Damage Reduced When Cuff Blocks and Frey Has Full Stamina Complete the Ruins of Mercador in the Visorian Plateau area of Visoria
Boundless Cloak Attack Magic Triggered during Parkour Boosts Surge Magic Recharge Rate Complete the Redclaw Cavern Cave in the Academy Hills area of Visoria
Unsurpassable Cloak Stamina Boosts When Cuff Makes a Last-Chance Block

Improved Stamina Recovery Speed

Complete the Niccoline Guild in the South Plateau area of Visoria
Gracious Cloak Defense Boost When Healing Item is Used Complete the Bhulna Villa in the Physic Garden area of Junoon
Fearless Cloak Health Restored When Enemy Defeated Complete the Oxys Guild in the Farcoast Terrace area of Junoon
Incomparable Cloak Evading Piercing Attacks with Parkour Restores Health

Flow Speed Increased

Complete the Forbidden Meadow in the Harvest Lands area of Junoon. To gain access to the meadow, players will need to complete the nearby Altar of Aasaan
Lief Cloak Poison Damage Halved When Health Is Low Complete Locked Labyrinth: Barrier in The Guardians’ Way area of Praenost
Puissant Cloak Enemy Numbers Boost Surge Magic Recharge Rate Complete Locked Labyrinth: Cliff in The Citadel area of Praenost
Divers Cloak Increased Damage When Health Is Full Complete Locked Labyrinth: Hill in The Blessed Plains area of Cipal
Fain Cloak Critical Hit Rate Boosted for Distant Foes

Surge Magic Recharge Rate Boosted for Distant Foes

Complete Locked Labyrinth: Mountain in The Fountainfields area of Avoalet
Bonifate Cloak Critical Hit Rate Boosted When Surge Magic is Charged

Critical Hits Can Poison Enemies

Complete Locked Labyrinth: Field in the Humble Plain area of Visoria
Whilom Cloak Support Magic Critical Hit Rate Boosted

Support Magic Recharges More Quickly When Health is Full

Complete Locked Labyrinth: West in the Visorian Plateau area of Visoria
Monsterful Cloak Cuff Counters Can Boost Attack

Cuff Counters Can Boost Defense

Cuff Counters Can Trigger Auto-Heal

Complete Locked Labyrinth: Forest in The Wolfwoods area of Junoon
Forfend Cloak Lower Casting Frequency Boosts Damage

Lower Casting Frequency Boosts Surge Magic Recharge Rate

Lower Casting Frequency Boosts Critical Hit Rate

Health Restored When Enemy Defeated

Complete Locked Labyrinth: Castle in the Cipalian Way area of Junoon
Veriment Cloak Damage Boosted When Health Is Very Low

Surge Magic Recharge Rate Boosted When Health Is Very Low

Critical Hit Rate Boosted When Health Is Very Low

Stamina Recharge Rate Boosted When Health Is Very Low

Complete Locked Labyrinth: North in the Visorian Isthmus area of Visoria
Unbroken Cloak Critical Hits Absorb Enemy Health

Critical Hits Boost Surge Magic Recharge Rate

Cuff Counters Improve Surge Magic Recharge Rate

Craftable after purchasing the Sewing Kit item from the Curiosity Shop in Inner Visoria for 64 Old Coins. It requires 3 Fluteblossoms, 3 Bumbershoots, and 3 Lucid Garlands
No Limits Cloak Attack Boosted When Healing Item Used PS5 Preorder Bonus
Elite Cloak Attack Boosted When Healing Item Used PC Preorder Bonus

Best cloaks to wear

  • Unbroken: This cloak is a beast. The more crits you dish out, the more HP and Surge magic you get, plus Cuff Counters restore Surge even more.
  • Lief: Absorbing HP is amazing, especially when you need to conserve healing items, and the extra damage on your magic is just icing on the cake.
  • Hooded Cloak: Getting a crit is exciting, but this cloak lets you ride that momentum further by getting more damage right after.
  • Bonifate: Not only do you get a higher chance at crits, but also the chance to inflict poison on an enemy when one lands, which is perfect for tanky foes and bosses.

How to change cloaks

Changing out your cloak is as simple as going into the Gear tab on your menu, selecting your cloak above the necklace option, and then cycling through all the ones you’ve unlocked and equipping whichever you choose.

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