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Blizzards randomly appearing in Fortnite hint at upcoming map changes

Blizzards are appearing in most of Fortnite‘s game modes — and while the snowstorms appear random, they may hint at upcoming changes.

Fortnite‘s map gets covered in snow during the winter months. But this year, Epic Games decided to make things a bit harder for players by hitting them with full-blown blizzards. The blizzards appear without warning, bringing with them darkness, whistling winds, and lots of snow. This makes it difficult for players to see beyond a short distance in front of them, which could be good or bad for players.

Striving through blizzard conditions ???? (Added some epic music) #Fortnite

— мιzυяу™ ???? (@MizureX5) December 27, 2019

They only last for a few minutes before they dissipate, but the blizzards may make for interesting situations. Since there are no signs that a snowstorm is incoming, players in the middle of a battle may suddenly find themselves with limited visibility. Meanwhile, some players are waiting for the blizzards to take artistic screenshots.

Anything new that happens in Fortnite is usually tied to an upcoming change, and players believe that this is the same case for the blizzards. Speculations are already running rampant on Reddit, with a user who goes by the name OutcastMunkee pointing out that there may be story implications as the Chaos Rising loading screen features a weather front on of the monitors.

Last year, Fortnite added ice elements, including a floating ice orb and a giant ice cube. This was followed by the Ice King event, which unleashed monsters to the snow-covered map. Are the blizzards hinting that the Ice King will soon return to Fortnite, or is a different map-altering change coming to the game?

In the meantime, Fortnite players may focus on Winterfest 2019, a limited-time holiday event that offers new challenges. One of these challenges is to dance in front of five holiday trees that have been placed in different locations around the map.

Our Winterfest guide details the locations of the holiday trees, to help players in completing the challenge to unlock a special Bundle Up emote. Players should start wrapping up the Winterfest challenges as soon as they can, as there is no telling what the blizzards in Fortnite may portend.

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