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Fortnite Choppa guide: Where to find all helipad locations

Fortnite’s 12.20 update introduced major additions to the battle royale shooter, including map changes, a limited-time event, and a new aerial vehicle — the Choppa. Players can now use the helicopter to zoom around the island, hunt down enemies, and quickly escape as the storm closes in on the ever-shrinking safe zone.

Choppa details and stats

Fortnite helicopter

The Choppa is Fortnite’s newest option for aerial combat and travel, similar in nature to the Stormwing airplanes from season 7. Each helicopter comes with 1,500 health points, making it difficult for even seasoned players to take one down.

The Choppa holds up to five players at a time — one pilot and four passengers, who can rain down bullets from either the side of the helicopter. Unfortunately, players won’t find the new vehicle in any competitive modes like Arena. It is only in the standard, non-ranked battle royale modes like Squads and Team Rumble.

Fortnite helicopter locations

Fortnite Helicopter Locations

The Choppa is only found on helipads scattered around the island, typically at the new named locations introduced this season and the Shadow safe houses. There are 11 helipads with Choppa spawn points so far. You can find all of them in the general map above and get detailed descriptions of their locations below.

The Shark

Fortnite shark helicopter

The Shark’s helicopter is found in the northwestern corner, in the B1 square of the grid-based map. The helipad that houses the Choppa is on the northern side of the shark-shaped island, away from the main house and base.

Pleasant Park

Fortnite Pleasant Park Helicopter

This one is on the edge of the D2 and D3 squares in Pleasant Park. The soccer field opened up with the release of update 12.20 and hosts a helipad spawn point there.

Craggy Cliffs

Fortnite Radio Station Choppa

There is a helipad at the radio station east of Craggy Cliffs in the F1 square.

The Yacht

Fortnite yacht helicopter

The Yacht has a helipad Choppa spawn point in the H1 square on the grid map. It is on the outside deck of the large boat on the southern end of it.

Frenzy Farm

Fortnite frenzy farm helicopter

East of Frenzy Farm, there is a gas station in the G3 and G4 squares. There is a field doubling as a helipad to the west of the station.

The Grotto

Fortnite grotto choppa

In the H5 square on the map, you will find the Grotto. There is a hole here that lets you drop down to the actual named location hidden in a massive cavern. In the middle of the cavernous base is the helipad.


Fortnite mountains helicopter

In the mountains southeast of Misty Meadows, there is a base with a helipad. It is in the G7 square.

Lazy Lake

Fortnite lazy lake helicopter

This helicopter location is on the middle island of Lazy Lake. It is on the border of the E7 and F7 squares on the map, north of Misty Meadows and southwest of the town of Lazy Lake.

The Rig

Fortnite rig helicopter

On the western side of the newly split Rig, you can find a helipad. It’s in the B7 square.

Holly Hedges

Fortnite Holly Hedges Helicopter

There is a helicopter in a field north of Holly Hedges and south of Sweaty Sands in the B4 square.

The Agency

Fortnite Agency Helicopter

Finally, the Agency has a helipad that is one of the easiest to find since it is in the middle of the entire island. Located on the border of the E4 and E5 squares, this Choppa location is on the southern edge of the named location.

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