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Fortnite season 2 map guide: Shark, Grotto, Agency, Rig

Fortnite update 12.00 is massive, bringing the long-awaited release of season 2. The expected changes and additions are all here like a season 2 battle pass, plenty of skins to collect challenges to complete, and new map changes to explore. Though this season isn’t as revolutionary as season one, it does evolve the chapter two map with several named locations to visit.

New Fortnite named locations

Fortnite Season 2 Map

The battle royale island map is much more crowded this season with five new named locations available. These are all in addition to the already existing areas that haven’t changed much, bringing the total to 18 points of interest.

While many of these new spots are smaller than we are used to, they each offer something unique from watery locales to underground sections.

The Shark

Fortnite The Shark

Starting in the northwestern corner of the map, we have the Shark. This hidden base took over one of the islands there and converted it into a huge shark building. There are two main sections of this point of interest. At the center of the titular shark, there is a prestigious estate and a couple of smaller buildings.

In this part of the island, players will find luxurious rooms and plenty of treasure chests to open up. Facing the water is the other half of this island: The Shark. The mouth of the creature is opening up to the ocean, allowing players to drive their boats inside. There, players will find a vast underground base, complete with hidden chests to discover.

The Agency

Fortnite The Agency

At the center of everything is the Agency headquarters. Home to the spies who give season 2 its theme, this location is found right in the middle of the map. Formerly known as the Eye Land landmark, it is now a complex structure with secret areas, multiple floors, and lots of loot.

The Agency is sure to be a popular location in season 2 as the heart of the island and lore, so players should keep this in mind when landing there.

The Rig

Fortnite The Rig

Off the coast of Slurpy Swamp in the southwestern quadrant of the island, there is the Rig. This location is not easily accessible given its offshore placement, so players are better off landing here at the start of a match. The towering oil rig is broken into two areas: the central rig and a smaller one adjacent to it.

While there aren’t many buildings on the Rig, the insides of them are narrow and tough for battling foes. This is countered by the open nature of the outside area where mid to long-range fights will reign supreme.

The Grotto

Fortnite The Grotto

The Grotto is the strangest location in season 2, situated on the east coast between Retail Row and Dirty Docks. When you first arrive here, it will appear as if nothing is here except a giant hole. If you jump down, though, you will find a cavernous underground base.

On one side of the Grotto, there is a tiny shore with some loot to pick up. On the other, there is a lair atop the water with a few buildings. Players should keep in mind that it is difficult to get out of the Grotto currently without a lot of materials.

The Yacht

Fortnite The Yacht

A fancy spy theme wouldn’t be complete without a lavish yacht to infiltrate. Located in the northeastern corner of the island is the Yacht named location. It is northeast of Steamy Stacks, floating on the water with no land underneath or around it. Like the Rig, this is a fairly stranded area.

The Yacht has several floors with intricate interiors that are confusing to navigate. This is further complicated by the vents system that lets you sneak around and stealthily attack other players.

Fortnite season 2 minor map changes

Fortnite Helipad

Beyond the five new points of interest, there are also some minor changes to the map that aren’t noticeable at first glance. For starters, there are a couple of helipads that are found on the island now at places like the Agency and Grotto. These hint at a future release of helicopters in the game as there are no new vehicles currently.

Taking a page from Apex Legends, there are three special vaults on the map that can only be accessed with a keycard dropped by NPCs. If you access one of these, you will find crates, chests, and containers with some of the best loot in the game.

Lastly, Apres Ski lodge is a new landmark in the game that is tied to the week 1 challenges. This building is southwest of Misty Meadows on a mountain. Inside, players will find it’s actually a club with a colorful dance floor.

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