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Join the fight against Australia’s bushfires with these gaming offers

Ubisoft, Humble, and More Help to Raise Money for Australian Fire Relief

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Australia is experiencing a massive bushfire, resulting in thousands of homes destroyed, more than 17.9 million acres burned, dozens of human lives lost, and millions of animals dead. It’s raged for weeks, devastating the country and affecting everything from air quality to the survival of entire species. Such an enormous disaster can make the average person – especially those outside the country – feel powerless, but several video game companies are finding ways to help Australia.

Game companies are supporting charities working to combat the fires and their effects, including preserving and rescuing wildlife, assisting firefighting work, and aiding pet owners who need to board and protect their animals. We’ve listed bushfire fundraising missions alongside steps others can take to help.

Humble Bundle

Humble – the company behind the pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle – is offering a Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle. All proceeds go toward the people and animals affected by the fires through the World Wildlife Fund, Australian Red Cross, RSPCA, and New South Wales’ Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service. The aid will assist in providing protection and boarding to those looking to keep their animals safe, as well as rehabilitation for animals injured during the fires. Donors can choose how much of their gift is allotted to each specific charity.

The Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle has raised over $700,000 from more than 25,000 individual purchases made, as of Friday afternoon, with six days left. Those who spend $25 or more get notable titles, including Hollow Knight and Void Bastards, and more than $400 worth of games are overall.


Call of Duty Outback Relief charity pack

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players can give money to Australia by picking up the in-game “Outback Relief” pack. All revenue from the DLC, previously called the “Outback Pack,” will go to relief in Australia. Players who buy the Outback Relief pack through the end of January, and even before the name change, can direct their purchase to the donations.

Ubisoft Australia

Ubisoft Australia charity donations

Heavily affected by the bushfires, Ubisoft Australia donated $30,000 to the Australian Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund. The studio is taking a more direct approach, asking people to give money to relief organizations rather than redirecting money made from games purchases. Ubisoft Australia suggested charities, including the aforementioned Australian Red Cross Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund, as well as the World Wildlife Fund and RSPCA, to help direct players looking to give back.


Destiny 2 Australia charity shirt

Destiny 2 developer Bungie offers a unique fundraiser with its “Guardians for Australia” t-shirt, which features a picture of a ship flying above two kangaroos. Shirt proceeds go entirely toward fire relief in Australia (half to wildlife rescue charity WIRES and the other half to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service) and are available for pre-order until February 18. Those who buy a shirt will also receive a redemption code for an in-game emblem.

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