Sierra makes its return in late November with Geometry Wars 3

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, the first game announced in August under the aegis of the newly-revived Sierra, will arrive on November 25 for PlayStation 3, PS4, and PC. Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions will come November 26. The release date was announced on the blog of Activision, which acquired Sierra as part of its 2008 merger with Vivendi Games.

The original Geometry Wars started as a minigame within Project Gotham Racing 2, and soon saw a standalone release for Xbox Live Arcade in 2003 as Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. The classic, arcade-style twin stick shooter was the most downloaded game on Xbox Live Arcade of all time, and was subsequently ported to nearly every platform imaginable. The sequel and this third entry continue to refine the formula of classic, arcade action, proving that, despite all the newfangled gameplay that has come since, the simple pleasures of some classic genres just won’t die.

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions will cost $15 as a digital download for all platforms.