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Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut: All Iki Island Archery Challenge locations

Jin Sakai is back and better than ever, thanks to the upgraded release of Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. Aside from taking advantage of the PlayStation 5’s hardware to improve visuals and performance, Sucker Punch went the extra mile by adding in an entirely new region with this expansion. Set on the titular Iki Island, Jin will have a new quest to complete that hits very close to home for this conflicted samurai-turned-ghost. Just like the main game, though, the main quest is just one part of what you can do on this brand new island.

Iki is home to all sorts of side content, including side quests, collectibles, and brand new challenges, like the Archery Challenges. These are sort of the companion to the bamboo challenges from the main game, only instead of testing your skills with the blade, you’re given unique tests for your aim and speed with a bow. Completing the first will reward you with a brand new charm, and doing the subsequent challenges will further improve that charm’s effects. Iki is a big place, so we’ll guide you to each Archery Challenge location here.

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How Archery Challenges work

Jin draws back a bow in Ghost of Tsushima.
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Unlike the bamboo tests from the base game, where you just needed to hit a series of increasingly long button strings in the correct order to succeed, Archery Challenges in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut ask you to not only be precise with your arrows but also speedy. Each challenge tasks you with hitting 22 targets in a given location, with a different grade given for how fast you can hit them all.

  • Bronze: All targets hit within 22 seconds.
  • Silver: All targets hit within 15 seconds.
  • Gold: All targets hit within 7 seconds.

Obviously, you will want to go for gold. However, seven seconds may seem downright impossible. And at first, you might be better off saving your gold attempts for after you’ve at least gotten silvers on each of the eight challenges and then trying them again. The reason being that the Charm of Concentration, which you earn for doing the first Archery Challenge, increases how long you can remain in concentration mode while aiming, which slows down time. Every challenge you beat increases that time limit more and more.

Other ways to help with these challenges include equipping Tadayori’s Armor, which also boosts concentration time and reload speed, plus any minor charms you have that further boost your bow skills. Finally, if you’re really struggling, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut includes some very handy accessibility options, specifically aim assist, that will make lining up your shots much easier.

East of Lone Spirit Falls

This Archery Challenge is almost impossible to miss since it is so close to where you start off when your first arrive on Iki Island. Just go slightly east from the Lone Spirit Falls between the rivers. Some archers will approach you and introduce the rules of Archery Challenges.

Yahata Forest

From Yahata Forest on the eastern coast of Iki, simply start going south. You’ll quickly encounter the group of archers hitting targets in a meadow full of pink flowers.

East of Kidafure Battleground

To the east of Kidafure Battleground, the next challenge is on the western bank of the Zasho river. The archers you’re looking for are taking shots at targets lined up by a waterfall near a field of tall grass.

South of Kidafure Battleground

From the middle of Kidafure Battleground, go south just past the small lakes, but not so far as to hit the river feeding into Laka Nagata. The archers you’re looking for are shooting at lanterns they’ve positioned at the abandoned huts.

Rider’s Promontory

Jin wearing Tadayori's armor.
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Way up top at the northern end of Iki is Raider’s Promontory. The challenge is on the western island, but the path to the actual challenge will be inaccessible when you arrive. Instead, take a detour to the left of the path and utilize some grappling points to reach the challenge.

Senjo Gorge

From the far north to the far south, head from Weeping Mother’s Meadow southwest to the edge of Senjo Gorge. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see all the vibrant purple trees. Find the archers and take on their challenge.

Raiders Memorial

Sticking to the south and not too far from the previous challenge is Raiders Memorial. Unlike the other challenges, this one is a bit more hidden than the others. Here is where you learned about the memorial for warriors who were slain by Tadayori Nagao, who you might recall from one of the base game’s mythic tales. If you haven’t done that tale yet, you will need to head back to the main game and do so before you can access this challenge.

Once you’ve done that tale and have the Tadayori armor set, wear it here, and speak to the man at the top of the stairs to unlock this Archery Challenge.

West of Saruiwa

Finally, on the far southwest coast of a narrow peninsula on Iki is our last challenge. Right between Saruiwa and Sarubashi, this challenge is almost impossible to miss. You will find the archers set up right on the beach, waiting to test your skills with a bow and arrow.

If you get at least a bronze score in all eight challenges, you will earn yourself the Pride of Ishikawa trophy, so it’s worth it to track them all down and give them at least a good shot.

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