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Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island all animal sanctuary locations

Jin may be willing to cut his way through has many Mongols as it takes to save his home from the invaders, even venturing out to the new Iki island in the expansion included in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, but he’s not a completely cold-blooded killer. He has a sensitive side that comes through not only during his interactions with other characters in the story, but in the side activities you can take on as well. From resting in hot springs or playing his flute, to composing Haiku and following foxes to their shrines, Jin can gain power in many ways.

Iki island introduces a new way for Jin to show is love of nature, as well as earn yourself some new charms and a trophy, in the form of Animal Sanctuaries. By freeing captured animals from Mongol invaders, and playing your flute for them to earn their trust and let you pet the cute little creatures, you can get these unique upgrades. There are nine Animal Sanctuaries in total, broken down into three categories for each animal type: three for cats, three for deer, and three for monkeys. Here’s where you can find them all.

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Cat Animal Sanctuaries

Jin plays his flute as Iki Island looms in the background.

Our first set of animals we’re liberating from the Mongols are cats. By freeing at least two out of the three cat Animal Sanctuaries you will earn the Charm of Nekoma’s Hunt. With this charm, when you throw a kunai at an enemy while performing a chain assassination, your range will be extended. The more cat sanctuaries you free, the stronger the effect.

West of Zasho River

Right on the western bank of the Zasho River, and southwest of Fort Sakai, is the easiest of the cat sanctuaries. Simply approach the little kitties in the open field and play your flute for them to complete it.

East of Old Gambler’s Wood

To the east of the Old Gambler’s Wood, and straight south from Kitsune’s Pond, is your next cat sanctuary. This one is guarded by more Mongols, so take them out and play your flute to charm the cats for your final upgrade to your charm.

North of Barrier Cove

Last up is the sanctuary to the northeastern most point of the map near Barrier Cove, however approaching it from Thunderhead Cliffs is a much safer path. Simply cross the bridge here and locate the final group of cats to play for.

Deer Animal Sanctuaries

Deer are graceful creatures, but also very cautious and tend to run away when approached. However, finding all the deer sanctuaries is extremely worth it to earn the Charm of Sugaru’s Sight, which allows you to fire up to three arrows at once, which again only gets stronger the more sanctuaries you’ve completed.

Sly Hunter’s Forest

Up in the northwest, just south of the Sly Hunter’s Forest, is the first deer sanctuary that is guarded by a group of Mongols. You will spot them from their large campfire, so eliminate them and befriend these graceful deer.

Zasho River Crossing

On the eastern end of the map, near the middle, the next group of deer lie on a small island inside the Zasho River just north of the Cloud Forest Temple. Cross the water, deal with the force of Mongols, and set these deer free.

Shattered Cliffs

The last deer Animal Sanctuary is free of any combat. All you need to do is go to the far western side of Gambler’s Wood, a bit south of Fune’s Refuge, and play your flute for your final charm upgrade.

Monkey Animal Sanctuaries

Jin kneels to pet a monkey on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut.

Monkeys have a playful reputation and are very intelligent. These bright-faced monkeys can’t handle the Mongols, though, and will reward you with the Charm of Mashira’s Protection for rescuing them. This charm makes healing cost one extra resolve, however whenever you do heal your window for performing a perfect parry and perfect dodge is temporarily increased, making it easier to pull off these powerful moves. Save them all to make it even better.

Raider’s Promontory

At the very north tip of the map, on the little island just off of Iki proper, is Raider’s Promontory. The monkey sanctuary is on the eastern coast, and free of Mongol influence. Just make the journey and play a nice song for the monkeys.

South of Smuggler’s Wood

Your next stop is way down south from Smuggler’s Wood, along the coast of the river on the south. There’s an entire camp of Mongols at Saruiwa Overlook you have to deal with as well, so prepare for a fight to complete this Animal Sanctuary.

Mountain at Saruiwa

The final sanctuary will require you to fully embody a monkey to reach. All the way down on the absolute southwestern most point of Iki island is a mountain at Saruiwa you need to climb. Take your time platforming and climbing up to the top, but once you do you will be rewarded with some new monkey friends, a great view, and your final charm upgrade.

If you have completed all the Animal Sanctuaries, you will also earn yourself the Chiyoko’s Song trophy for your efforts.

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