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Ghost of Tsushima adds Lethal difficulty to give players reason for another run

Sucker Punch is launching a new update for Ghost of Tsushima that will give players who already finished the samurai masterpiece a good reason to reprise the role of Jin Sakai.

One of the few complaints about Ghost of Tsushima is that it was fairly easy to complete, especially for players who also took on the daunting boss fights of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. For those who are looking for more of a challenge, patch 1.05 will add an option to ramp up the difficulty.

Sucker Punch detailed the new Lethal difficulty level in the update’s changelog. With the option activated, enemies become more aggressive and can detect players faster, while getting an upgrade to their weapons. Players, however, will also have a more deadly katana. With tighter windows for parrying and dodging, the new difficulty level should make for realistic combat that will more closely resemble the samurai duels of the past.

However, in addition to the Lethal difficulty level, Sucker Punch is also adding the opposite with a Lower Intensity mode. When activated, enemies take longer to detect players, and most unblockable attacks become blockable. Opponents will generally become more forgiving, holding off while players use Resolve for healing and breaking off combos after dealing damage.

Sucker Punch is rolling out patch 1.05 on Monday, so it should arrive soon to PlayStation 4 consoles.

Ghost of Tsushima tips and tricks

For players who will choose to jump into Ghost of Tsushima on the Lethal difficulty, our tips and tricks may be helpful in getting you through the game.

Meanwhile, players might want to go with the Lower Intensity option if they want to focus more on capturing great scenes with the game’s Photo Mode.

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