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‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ to get two major expansions, free player-vs.-player update

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer: Post-Launch & Season Pass (DLC) [US]
Ubisoft has been on a tear with its promotion of

Ghost Recon Wildlands

. From a live-action prequel movie featuring rapper T.I to the soon-to-be-released documentary exploring the South American drug trade, it appears Ubisoft has high hopes that players will be enthralled by its upcoming third-person tactical shooter. If the open-beta, which boasted a Ubisoft record 6.8 million users, is any indication, Wildlands has gamers intrigued.

Just ahead of the game’s March 7 launch, Ubisoft has now announced post-launch content plans on the game’s official website. Wildlands users can look forward to both paid and free content in the months following launch. The post-content trailer can be viewed above.

First, the paid plans. Like many games, Wildlands has a season pass containing two major expansions: “Narco Road” and “Fallen Ghosts.” In Narco Road, players will go undercover with three groups of smugglers and partake in more than a dozen “eccentric” high-octane missions. The end goal is to gain the trust of each gang’s leader and take them out. In Fallen Ghosts, your chopper is shot down, forcing you to find your way to safety while a brigade of ruthless mercenaries hunts you and your team down.

The expansions can be purchased separately, but season pass holders get access a week early. The season pass also includes two additional missions — the Unidad Conspiracy and the Peruvian Connection (also available as a pre-order bonus) — additional weapons and vehicles, and permanent experience bonuses.

A price for the pass wasn’t available as of publication, but we do know that the $100 Gold Edition comes bundled with the season pass.

As for free content, much like Ubisoft’s most recent game,

For Honor

, Wildlands will be broken up into month-and-a-half seasons with specific themes. The first “Season of Challenges” begins shortly after launch. Rewards will be given to you and your squad for completing objectives.

A few months down the line, Wildlands will also receive a free update that adds adversarial mode. This player-versus-player mode pits squads of four against one another.

Ghost Recon Wildlands comes to

Ghost Recon Wildlands


Xbox One

, and


March 7. Ghost Recon HQ, the game’s companion app, is available on iOS and Android now.

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