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'Ghost Recon Wildlands' first expansion, Narco Road, arrives on April 25

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Narco Road, the first of two planned Ghost Recon Wildlands expansions, will arrive April 25 for $15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. As previously announced, Season Pass holders will gain access to the content a week early, on April 18.

In Narco Road, players are tasked with eliminating three smuggler groups helmed by El Invisible. They must go undercover, build trust within the gangs, and use that trust to expose El Invisible’s crimes. You’ll befriend Eddie Escovado, a “social media star” and adrenaline junkie who leads the Kamikazes gang. You’ll wade into the darkness when taking on Arturo Rey, the enigmatic leader of the Death Riders, a group that has an obsession with Santa Muerte (Our Lady of the Holy Death). And you’ll find yourself in a Fast and Furious-esque environment when infiltrating the Jinetes Locos, muscle-car racing enthusiasts led by Tonio Mateos.

In all, the expansion adds more than 15 new story missions related to the three gangs. Besides adding to the already mammoth campaign, Narco Road brings four new side mission variants, as well as racing challenges.

The side missions and racing challenges would appear to be optional, but there’s obvious benefits for completing them in-between main missions. You’ll gain “fame and followers” by competing in racing challenges, and presumably the side missions. Increasing your fame and expanding your follower reach will help you grab the attention of the gang bosses, thus paving your way to taking them — and, eventually, El Invisible — out.

The new content will be enhanced by additional outfits, weapons, and vehicles. Four outfits, exclusive to expansion buyers, will be added, along with nine weapons to assist in your fight. The Wildlands map is sprawling to say the least, but you’ll have four new ways to get around in style: monster trucks, muscle cars with nitro-boosting capabilities, chopper bikes, and aerobatic planes capable of stunts.

Ubisoft also revealed that an update for all players will be rolling out to consoles on April 12 and PC on April 14. The update adds weekly challenges across both solo and cooperative play. Successful challenge participants will receive “up to three unique in-game rewards per week.” The events will reset each Wednesday, and will be broken up into six-week thematic seasons. Season one is “The Rise and Fall of Unidad,” and tasks players with collecting intel on Unidad’s efforts to ruin the country.

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