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5 questions the Google Stadia team needs to answer in its Reddit AMA

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Google’s Stadia team is planning to host a Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” or AMA, session on July 18 at 1 p.m. ET. This will give those interested in the streaming service their first chance to ask its developers their questions, including those about potential games, the quality of streams, planned features, and more. All you need to do to participate is show up to Reddit during the allotted time and query the developers. With Stadia planned to launch later this year, however, we think there are still five big questions the team has to answer.

1) When will iOS and other Android phones be supported?

Google clearly wants you to be playing Stadia on Google devices, whether that be a Chromecast for your television or a Pixel phone. The iPhone and other Android devices won’t be supported at launch, however, and we need information on when we can use the. After all, convenience and mobility are two of Stadia’s biggest selling points.

2) What exclusive games are planned?

Google just recently founded its internal game development studios with former EA and Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond at the helm. It’s too early for any content to be shown from its planned products, but exclusive games are going to be one of Stadia’s main draws. We need to learn just what it has in the works — and possibly how many exclusives are currently in development.

3)  Could it eventually function with other systems?

Microsoft is planning its own Project xCloud service on Xbox platforms and Sony has PlayStation Now, but Google could potentially open up Stadia to an even wider audience by running on traditional consoles. The obvious candidate would be Nintendo Switch, which isn’t capable of running many games on its own hardware, be we wouldn’t hold our breath on Google addressing this during its AMA.

4) Will publishers offer discounts for games you already own?

Many of Stadia’s currently announced games are already available on other platforms, including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. If Google and Ubisoft would offer a discount for those who already own it on PlayStation, for instance, they could potentially enable cloud saves and allow them to enjoy the game in more locations. We doubt Google will throw us a bone here, but we can always hope.

5) When is 8K coming?

Google has already confirmed that Stadia will support 4K at launch and will support 8K in the future. We already know, however, that both the next PlayStation and next Xbox systems will support that resolution. For Stadia to compete, 8K will need to be supported by 2020, and more concrete information on this is needed.

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