Is this real life? GTA5 on PS4 makes the PS3 version look like a puppet show

Rockstar has shared a video comparing Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 3 with the upcoming release on PlayStation 4. Wonder at its higher resolution, doubled draw distance, and brand new textures.

The differences are particularly pronounced where lighting is involved. A shot about three quarters of the way through shows traffic gliding by on a rainy street. The horizontal glare of the passing headlights and the detailed reflections on the glistening pavement show off the processing power that goes into the game’s dynamic lighting.

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You will be able to appreciate the all new textures much more closely in the recently-confirmed first-person viewpoint. This series-first mode aims to squeeze the most out of the increased visual fidelity in the move to more powerful hardware.

Grand Theft Auto V arrives with a shiny new coat of high-res paint for PS4 and Xbox One on November 18, with a Windows release to follow on January 27, 2015.