How to get every costume in ‘Gravity Rush 2’

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Kat’s costume changes in the original Gravity Rush felt like an afterthought, but in Gravity Rush 2 playing dress-up with the Gravity Queen is a lot of fun. Not only are her new outfits are more numerous and varied in the sequel, but they have extra value: You can whip out your camera and take artsy, filtered selfies whenever you want. Now that’s a welcome new feature.

But it’s not easy finding all of Kat’s new costumes. Some are rewards for various side quests, while others require Dusty Tokens gained from online features. There are even a couple you get for loading save data from the original game.

Read on to find out how to collect all of Kat’s costumes in Gravity Rush 2.

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Shifter 2.0

Shifter 2.0: This is the default outfit Kat starts wearing shortly after the game begins. It will look familiar to Gravity Rush fans.

Work Clothes: This simple outfit is what Kat starts the game in, but once she gets her Shifter outfit back you can’t don the work clothes again until you earn 300 Dusty Tokens through online features like treasure hunts, photos and challenges.

Jazz Singer: This fun red dress is obtained after the story mission “Like a Radio,” during which she dons the outfit to pass for a jazz singer.

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Jazz Singer

Waitress: You acquire the waitress costume after completing the string of food-stall-flyer-related side missions and challenges, which begins with the mission “Hands Up, Hands Out.” In these missions, Kat hands out food stall flyers, until she eventually hurls them at the stall in “Come One, Come All.”

Nurse: The side quest line that begins with “A Legend is Born,” available soon after you arrive back in Hekseville for the first time, eventually leads to Kat doing on-camera stunt work as the Battle Nurse — and to getting this outfit.

Kali Costume: Another Hekseville side quest, “An Angel Named Double-Cross,” has Kat trying to market ice cream to as many passersby as possible. Once the quest is complete you get the Kali Angel outfit.

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School Uniform 2.0

School Uniform 2.0: Gravity Rush 2‘s school uniform is available from the side quest “Forbidden Games,” which is one of the best side quests in the game. Pay attention during the ritual, though, or you might miss the reason why.

Super Star: This pop idol outfit is available from the mission string that begins with the Hekseville side quest “Find the Idol.”

School Uniform 1.0: You can unlock the School Uniform 1.0 costume when you earn 2,000 Dusty Tokens.

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Military Uniform

Shifter 1.0: Like the Work Clothes and School Uniform 1.0, Shifter 1.0 is tied to earning Dusty Tokens. This one takes significantly more though: 5,000 total. Just keep using online features as you play and you’ll get it eventually.

Military Uniform: The military uniform is available for players who have save data for the remastered version of the original Gravity Rush on their accounts. It’s tied to the original’s Military DLC pack.

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Maid Outfit

Maid Outfit: Like the military outfit, the maid costume is unlocked if your save data from the original Gravity Rush with that game’s maid DLC.

Cat Suit: The third and final costume available for those with original Gravity Rush save data, the cat burglar suit comes from the Spy DLC that came with the PS4 remaster.

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PSO2 Crazy Kitten

White Kat: A simple palette swap can accomplish a lot sometimes. Case in point: Kat’s white gear, an inversion of her default black suit. It’s available only as a pre-order bonus, so if you didn’t snag the game ahead of release you’re out of luck for now.

PSO2 Crazy Kitten: Possibly the weirdest of all of Kat’s new costumes, this pink battle gear is available as a free download to all players thanks to a collaboration between Gravity Rush and Phantasy Star Online 2.


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