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‘Gravity Rush 2’ manhole locations: Get your shortcuts on

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There are more ways than ever for Kat to get around in Gravity Rush 2, whether you want free fall in Jupiter mode or jump like Superman as Lunar Kat. But the game’s world — which includes the cities of Jirga Para Lhao and Hekseville — is also massive, and the series’ warp manholes are more important than ever. 

Sadly, you have to locate each individual manhole before you can use it, and Gravity Rush 2 never points out where they are. They can be difficult to spot, which is why we’ve compiled this list of where to find each and every one. Happy sewer-crawling!

Part 1: Jirga Para Lhao

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Lei Colmosna, from left to right:

  • Sun Mansion: Just outside the gates of the giant, u-shaped mansion with the pink roof on the easternmost edge of the marketplace.
  • Tritower: In the middle of Lei Colmosna’s eastern half are three massive towers, connected by large bridges, that together make up the Tritower Hotel. The manhole is in front of the entrance to the main tower.
  • Radale Memorial Park: In between Lei Colmosna’s marketplace and the downtown district in the middle of the map is Radale Memorial Park. The manhole cover is next to the large statue of the man kneeling with a deer’s head.
  • Archway Viewing Screen: From where you first entered Jirga Para Lhao, go straight through the market and across the bridge. The manhole is near the umbrella-covered tables.
  • Overlook Plaza Fountain: This manhole is in the middle of the island’s central plaza, near the fountain on the marketplace’s western edge.
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Lei Havina, from left to right:

  • Havina Terminal: Near the sky-piers at the western end of Lei Havina’s central island.
  • Goredoh Garden: This manhole is under a bridge on the northern side of the connected island (the one with the large pond).
  • Danari Mansion: The Old Settlement’s third manhole is at a higher altitude than the other two, near the three large palm trees on the island that also houses the Danari mansion.
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Lei Elgona:

  • Angry Centipede Higeout: The Houseboat Fleet’s single manhole is tucked away near the hideout of the Angry Centipede. You’ll go here as part of a story mission, so it’s hard to miss.
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Avarash au Govena:

  • Fort Bismalia Deck: The Central Authority also has a single manhole, which is located on the deck of Fort Bismalia. Don’t try to reach it before the story takes you there, though, or you’ll be shot out of the sky.

Part 2: Hekseville

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Auldnoir, from left to right:

  • Supply Depot: The topmost manhole in Hekseville’s Old Town is between the factory and the abandoned lot, which you’ll encounter on various missions.
  • Auldnoir Fountain: The fountain manhole is just north of Auldnoir’s famous boy-on-frog-on-turtle fountain, above Kat’s house and at street level.
  • Karuwari Church: This manhole is located on the other side of Kat’s house, which, conveniently, you can also use to access the warp network. The manhole is just across the bridge from the island that houses the church and the fish fountain.
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Vendecentre, left to right:

  • Loop Line Station #3: This manhole is located on Vendecentre’s southern tip. The cover is just outside the train station, near a food stall where multiple side missions take place.
  • Skyscraper Valley: As the name suggests, this warp cover is surrounded by skyscrapers, in a plaza between two statues, including one modeled after the iconic World Pillar.
  • Loop Line Station #1: Downtown’s other manhole is just outside the station, to the left as you’re looking at the entrance.
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Pleajeune, from left to right:

  • Goddess Statue: Situated next to the fiery goddess statue, toward the lower end of Hekseville’s entertainment district.
  • Arquebus Academy: Across the bridge from the goddess statue is Arquebus Academy, where multiple quests will take place. The manhole is near the entrance, in front of the statue of the pointing scholar.
  • Pandora’s Fortunes: This manhole is located on the other end of Pleajeune, just outside Aki’s fortune telling shop.
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Endestria, from left to right:

  • New Stormshield Tower Remains: Endestria’s eastern manhole is in a small plaza under a large, striped smokestack.
  • Stormshield Tower Remains: The Factory District’s other manhole is at the base of the larger tower on Endestria’s peak.

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