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Avengers bundle, Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Disney Infinity 2.0

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Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes hasn’t even come out yet, but already the developers have announced an expansion based on Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel film hitting theaters on August 1.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set will take place in Knowhere, an interdimensional hub and scientific observatory built in the severed head of a Celestial on the fringe of space and time. Star-Lord, Rocket Racoon, and the other Guardians (along with the help of crossover characters Iron Man and Nova) will defend Knowhere from the villainous Ronan the Accuser and his invading Sarkaaran fleet.

You will of course be able to mix and match Star-Lord, Rocket Racoon, Drax, Gamora, and Groot with the rest of your heroes in Toy Box mode. The Guardians will be able to take part in one of the new, structured Toy Box Games called Attack on Asgard, wherein Loki leads a Frost Giant assault against the halls of Asgard, leaving it up to your heroes to defend Odin’s palace and prevent Loki from claiming the throne. The set will also introduce new Power Discs to give your original Toy Box creations some Guardians of the Galaxy-themed flair. The Guardians Play Set will be available in stores this fall.

In addition to the new play set, Sony has announced that PlayStation fans will be treated to a Collector’s Edition of Marvel Super Heroes that comes with all six of the core Avengers, including The Hulk, who will not be otherwise available until sometime after release. The standard Starter Pack will only include Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow, with Captain America and Hawkeye available at launch to purchase separately.

To show off your collection of heroes, the Collector’s Edition will include a glowing display stand that features an enormous Frost Beast looming behind the assembled Avengers. You will be able to purchase the Collector’s Edition separately, or bundled with a 12GB PS3 for $250.

The Collector’s Edition will be available for pre-order online soon, or next week in-person at Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con booth.

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