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Harvestella: how to make money fast

Harvestella gives you a gigantic world to explore, filled with monsters to slay, fish to catch, and crops to grow. There’s also a seemingly endless stream of upgrades to unlock and items to purchase — all of which require some pretty deep pockets. Thankfully, if you’re looking to make money (called Grilla) in Harvestella, there are countless ways to load up your bank.

Here are the best ways to make money in Harvestella. Whether you’re interested in questing, farming, fishing, or anything in between, there’s bound to be something that fits your playstyle.

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Take on side quests

A Harvestella player engaged in combat.

After chugging through the main story for a few hours, you’ll eventually unlock Side Quests. These are scattered across the map and offer you some impressive rewards — the most compelling of which is Grilla. So if you don’t mind putting your world-saving adventure on hold, helping out your fellow townsfolk is a great way to earn some cash.

Plant seasonal crops

A large farm in Harvestella.

Many crops in Harvestella can only be grown during a certain season. Not only does it make these crops rare, but it also makes them valuable. This includes the Lumpotato, which can only be grown in the Winter. Selling these seasonal items is an easy way to pull in some big bucks — but don’t forget to stockpile a few so you can cook beneficial meals for your adventures.

Upgrade your farm

An upgraded farm in Harvestella.

Farm upgrades — purchased from the Renovator in Lethe — aren’t cheap. They often cost several thousand Grilla, but it’s in your best interest to pick up some of these farm upgrades as soon as possible. A big one for new players is the Kitchen Counter. This gives you the ability to cook meals with resources you’ve harvested, which can be sold for a significant amount of cash. Alternatively, meals can be used to help you dive deeper into dungeons and collect valuable resources without needing to head home due to low health or stamina.

Also, keep in mind that it’s not always in your best interest to buy seeds. These costly resources can frequently be found in the wild for free — and unless you’re a high-level player, it might be best to hold onto your cash.

Sell unwanted resources

A backpack filled with resources in Harvestella.

While it can be useful to horde resources for cooking and crafting, don’t feel bad about selling them if you’re looking for fast cash. Unloading an entire inventory into your Shipping Box can easily fill your bank account. So when you’re out exploring, be sure to harvest resources from every node, treasure chest, and monster you come across.

Follow the main quest

A player talking with a fairie in Harvestella.

As boring as this tip is, following the main quest is a great way to earn Grilla. Beyond introducing you to new Jobs, locations, and allies (which can all help you defeat enemies and loot valuable items), many quests will put you in contact with enemies and bosses that offer some lucrative rewards.

Fishing for profits

A player fishing in Harvestella.

After unlocking the fishing skill (head to the General Store in Lethe), you’ll have access to an easy, endless stream of Grilla. Some fish are much more valuable than others, and with more than 50 species up for grabs, it can be a bit hit-or-miss. But if you’re bored of the regular grind, consider picking up a rod and heading to your nearest fishing hole.

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