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Horizon Zero Dawn on PC suffering from crashes, technical issues

The long-awaited port of Horizon Zero Dawn to PC is suffering from crashes and other technical issues, which developer Guerilla Games has acknowledged.

Horizon Zero Dawn broke PlayStation 4 exclusivity when it launched on August 7 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. However, players quickly ran into a variety of problems with the game, which include random crashes, low-quality graphics, random stuttering, skewed cameras, and unresponsive controllers, as compiled in a thread on Reddit.

In an update on Horizon Zero Dawn‘s Steam Page, Guerilla Games said that it is aware of the problems that players are experiencing, and that its highest priority is investigating the reports that have come in from various channels. The developer did not provide a timeline for any fixes that it will roll out.

A thread started by a Reddit user, meanwhile, alleges that the version of Horizon Zero Dawn for PC that was shipped out by Guerilla Games is a debug build, pointing out “poorly made” coding that is apparently contributing to the recurring crashes.

Digital Trends has reached out to Guerilla Games for comment on the allegations, and we will update this article as soon as we hear back.

Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 5

Guerilla Games, meanwhile, is also hard at work on Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel that will launch on the PlayStation 5.

Not much is known about Horizon Forbidden West, but according to the game’s reveal trailer, it appears that Aloy will be continuing her adventure in her world’s version of San Francisco, with both old and new enemies, underwater gameplay, and her trusty bow and arrow.

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