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How to evolve Bramblin into Brambleghast in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are moving the series in a new direction with an open-world design -- and what better Pokémon to represent that change than a wandering tumbleweed.

Bramblin is a dual-type ghost and grass Pokémon that can be found pretty early on in your Paldea adventure. Like a few other new Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet, Bramblin has a unique requirement that you must meet before it evolves into Brambleghast. Put on your walking shoes and we'll explian how it works.




10 minutes

How to evolve Bramblin into Brambleghast

Evolving Bramblin into Brambleghast is going to take a bit of work, and by work, we mean walking. Like evolving Pawmo into Pawmot, you'll need to walk with Bramblin using the game's Let's Go feature.

Step 1: There's no set level for Bramblin to evolve, but it will need to level up. Before you take it for the walk outlined below, try to get it as close to leveling up as possible through battles or by using EXP candies. This is just to save time later.


Step 2: Put Bramblin in the lead spot of your party and press R to enter Let's Go mode and let it roam around outside of its Pokéball. You need to take 1,000 steps with Bramblin using this feature.

There's no step counter to use, but it took us about six minutes of continuous walking to hit the evolution threshold.

Be careful not to walk too fast. If you get too far away from Bramblin, it will automatically return to its Pokéball and the step count will be reset. We recommend just taking a casual stroll around a city to avoid wild Pokémon.

Step 3: Once you've been walking around for a while and think you've hit 1,000 steps, go into your bag and use an EXP candy on Bramblin to level it up.

If you don't have any XP candies, you can easily find some at Tera Raids. You can also try getting in a wild Pokémon battle instead.

Your Bramblin should immediately evolve into Brambleghast

Brambleghast evolution screen.

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