How to find an online match fast in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Dragon Ball FighterZ is now available, and it’s a stylish and action-packed fighting game that is packed with ridiculous attention to detail. Unfortunately, developer Arc System Works might have taken this authenticity a little bit too far, as you often have to wait an eternity before squaring off against other players online. Even though high server loads, poor connections, and matchmaking issues can impede your ability to play, there are a few different tricks you can use to make the wait bearable. We have some tips on how to find online matches quickly in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Pick the right lobby

When you first start up Dragon Ball FighterZ, the game will attempt to put you in an “auto-join” lobby with 63 other players. Chances are if you get hung up on the “connect to lobby” for more than a few seconds, you will eventually receive a connection failure notification, and will be forced to find a lobby manually.

When this occurs, pick the region closest to where you live, and choose from the numerous lobbies available. Many will already be at full capacity, but if you see one with between 55 and 60 players, this is usually a good option. More players mean more matches, after all.

If you are interested in joining a particular type of online match, you can also choose a lobby specifically for  “ring matches” or “arena matches.” At the very least, this will ensure you can find players trying to engage in the same match type.

Lastly, if you pick a lobby and it doesn’t work or disconnects you after a few minutes, just move on to the next one. If you select it again, you will likely get the same result.

Open your search parameters

Dragon Ball FighterZ gives you a few different search parameters when you’re queuing up for a multiplayer match. Once the servers stabilize and Arc System Works manages to iron out the issues, these will be useful for finding good match-ups, but at the moment, they are limiting who you can fight against.

When you’re choosing a ranked, casual, or ring match, make sure “connection quality” is set to “anything goes,” as well as “match completion rate.” Multiplayer matches typically only last a few minutes, and we haven’t encountered too many players who are willing to quit. There is also an option in your settings to automatically join any connected multiplayer match, which makes sure you aren’t disconnected by an impatient player.

Struggling to find a ranked multiplayer match? Try searching for a casual match, instead. Occasionally, these will be more popular, or vice-versa, though casual matches won’t earn you “BP” points with each fight.

Search around the lobby

Instead of exclusively playing in ranked or casual matches, consider fighting against players in your current lobby. There are two different options for doing this online: Ring matches and arena matches.

Ring matches are customized fights between players in a lobby that can be set up nearly anywhere — just press RT on Xbox One or R2 on PlayStation 4 to place a ring down. You’ll often find other players place rings down, as well, and the total number of current players in their ring will be listed above their head. If it’s not full, you will likely be able to connect and fight them immediately, but they will often be far above your skill level.

Your other option for quickly finding a match is to check out the arena located in the middle of the lobby. Here, you can queue up to fight in an arena match or watch others duke it out. It takes a bit longer than a standard casual or ranked match, but should you not have any luck with those options, you will usually still be able to fight someone in the arena.

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