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iiRcade’s premium Dead Cells arcade cabinet is a thing of beauty

Home arcade company iiRcade is releasing a new premium line of cabinets featuring a fresh visual redesign and improved audio. The first premium edition is a cabinet design based on indie hit Dead Cells.

Annouced at CES 2022, the new offering from iiRcade is a home arcade cabinet with a unique twist. The machine hooks up to a shop where players can purchase and download new titles to the machine. The service’s library includes classics like Burger Time and modern indies like Kunai.

iiRcade's Dead Cells arcade cabinet stands in a smoky corridor.

The new premium model gives the cabinet a makeover. It features a taller, 64-inch frame with a curved top. The design more closely resembles old-school arcade machines with a light-up marquee and newly redesigned speaker grill.

While the machine’s internal hardware and screen are identical to the original iiRcade model, the premium version will get an audio boost. iiRcade announced a new partnership with JBL to bring JBL Audio to the cabinet. That’s a first-of-its-kind partnership for home arcade cabinets.

The first premium edition cabinet is a stunner. It features a design based around indie hit Dead Cells, which is available to buy and play on iiRcade machines. It has a purple marquee featuring the game’s logo and detailed art around the cabinet.

The Dead Cells cabinet will be available for pre-order starting in spring 2022, though no proper release date is set. Pricing information has yet to be revealed either. Currently, a standard iiRcade cabinet can cost up to $800 depending on the model, though holiday recently discounts took the base edition down to $300.

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