Infamous collection review: Fame may be fleeting, but lighting powers last forever

Infamous Collection reviewAlthough the current generation of consoles may be ebbing ever closer into their twilight — especially in the case of the Nintendo, who fire the first salvo of the next looming console war when it releases the Wii U on November 18 – the battle is far from over. And in this war, there are several forms of ammunition, including exclusive DLC, unique online apps, and additional media content, but the most visible weapon is certainly exclusive titles. And in that, Sony has a clear advantage.

With games like God of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4 only appearing on the PlayStation 3, fans are left with the choice of whether to embrace Sony’s system or sacrifice some of the best franchises and games available. That decision was never an easy one, and it grows ever more difficult as Sony continues to package some of its best exclusives into bundles and release then at a lower price. Bundles like the God of War Saga, the Ratchet & Clank Collection, and remastered classics like The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection offer a lot of content at a great price, and offer gamers a chance to play/replay proven hits and give PS3 fans something to lord over their 360 and Wii-owning friends. You can now add the Infamous Collection to that list. Feel free to taunt away. 

Although it doesn’t have quite the name recognition that other PS3 exclusive series like Gran Turismo and the Uncharted have, Sucker Punch’s Infamous games are among the best arguments for owning a PS3. If you own one or both of the games, then you can already attest to this, and this collection isn’t for you. Although not related to any existing property, it isn’t tough to make the argument that these offerings are among the best superhero games ever made. You have a free world to explore, the freedom to save or destroy it, and an increasingly powerful set of tools at your disposal. The story is also compelling and the protagonist, Cole MacGrath, is already a bit iconic.  On top of all that, the second game offers user created content that expands the playability exponentially.

infamous collection review

To highlight all of that, Sony and Sucker Punch have released the Infamous Collection, containing: Infamous, Infamous 2, the DLC Festival of Blood, extra missions for Infamous 2, and a slew of other add-ons, including new power ups, weapon styles, and costumes. And you can get it all for $39.99. For those that own a PS3 but have not tried out these titles, you have yet another great reason to try them out.

Infamous 2 Festival of BloodNow, the games themselves sell themselves. They are quality titles, and if you have even a passing interest in open world action games with a superhero flair, you should check them out. The downside to this package is that the games have already been released in so many ways, that justifying the purchase is a bit tougher – especially when you consider that Infamous 2 was already released as a free download for people that signed up for PlayStation Plus.

If you did sign up, and assuming you downloaded the game even if you didn’t play it (and why wouldn’t you since it was free?), then you can also go pick up the original at the “Best of” price of $29.99, and much less if you shop around or go used. On top of that, you could even buy Infamous 2 on disc for $19.99, which seriously cuts into the value portion of the Collection.

But still, if you are not a PlayStation Plus member, and assuming you want all the content available including the Halloween-themed DLC, you should consider giving the Infamous games a try. No matter what, you will still end up with two amazing games at a decent price. What have you got to lose?