Is Resident Evil 6’s DLC a timed exclusive on Xbox 360?

resident evil 6 dlc playstation 3

Capcom wants Resident Evil 6 to be Call of Duty. It’ll tell you up front that it just wants to make a game that’s all things to all people—a patient horror game, a tactical shooter, and a balls to the wall action spectacle—but we all know the truth. Look at Resident Look at all those exploding helicopters. You’re not fooling anyone, Capcom.

There’s another way in which Resident Evil 6 is following Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s lead: Downloadable content for the game is coming to Xbox 360 before any other platform.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Japan Twitter feed (via Kotaku) made the announcement on Friday morning.

Now Capcom hasn’t weighed in on this just yet. We’ve reached out to Capcom’s American office to see if this is true for all territories, just Japan, or whether it was just a poorly phrased Tweet. We’ll update this when we hear from them.

It isn’t, however, unlikely especially if the downloadable content in question is for the game’s competitive Mercenaries mode. Timed exclusive DLC is the closest thing to a console exclusive publishers are willing to make in this day and age. Capcom is after all already offering a plethora of exclusive DLC bonuses through retailers GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon.