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Kinect Sports review

kinect sports review
Kinect Sports
“One of the best Kinect party games around.”
  • Great for all ages
  • The 4 player options makes it a good party game
  • Good variety
  • Dull with one person
  • Same old Kinect lag
  • Camera loses track of you often

Microsoft’s answer to Wii Sports, Kinect Sports is probably going to be the premiere party game for Kinect owners. As you might expect with a title like Kinect Sports, the game’s focus in on a variety of sports-related games, including: soccer, bowling, beach volleyball, boxing, table tennis, and track & field. Each game has its own style of play, but each involve a form of competition that will appeal to people that picked up the Kinect thinking it to be a rival to the Wii.

The games themselves are mainly based on reactions and timing. For example, soccer has you move in the path of a ball by leaning in that direction, because you cannot actually move forward or back. So you try to block the ball, then with a kick in the direction of another player, you pass it off before you kick to attempt a shot on goal. The boxing has you swing at your opponent and defend, while the track & field offers a handful of mini games that all have their own style, like the javelin where you run in place then release to hit the best distance.

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While you can play solo, the games are really made for multiple players. There is even a “party play” option, which lets up to four players chose sides and play two-on-two battles of random game types. When you are playing with others, the game can be fun, but in terms of technical specs, Kinect Sports unfortunately highlights a few of the shortcomings of the Kinect. The best example is the boxing game. When you throw a punch, there is roughly a half second delay, and if you move quickly to land combos, the camera will frequently lose track of you. It isn’t a problem when you are just having fun, but it will turn off hardcore gamers, and it this odd lag prevents the game from being anything more than a passing amusement.

Still, this game is made for families and groups of people that don’t care about winning as much as just having a good time, and for them, this title is a must have.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

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(This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360 on a copy provided by Microsoft Studios)

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