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Release window for next God of War game possibly leaked by lead voice actor

kratos god of war 2017 chrisjudge91
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The new voice actor for the god-slaying ‘Ghost of Sparta’ himself, Kratos, may have revealed that the next game in the God of War series is set to release in 2017. Although unconfirmed in any capacity, he listed the game in his Twitter bio with the bracketed follow up of “2017,” which many fans have taken as an indication of the game’s intended release window.

It’s been four years since the release of the last new God of War game, so many fans are eager for another. With a trailer teasing the next game’s new, bearded version of Kratos at E3 2016 and Christopher Judge confirming that he would be playing the role of the lead character, the hype is slowly building, but when the game will release is anyone’s guess.

Perhaps now though we can make an educated guess, as Judge’s Twitter bio does list the 2017 date alongside the game’s name. He doesn’t state that this is its release date though, so it’s certainly possible that this is just a way for fans to differentiate it from the original 2005 release of God of War.

Originally spotted by eagle-eyed Redditors, the mention of the game in his bio is still active at the time of writing.

Even if Judge does believe that the game will be released this year, there’s nothing to suggest he would know for certain that that’s the case. Although we have seen voice actors leak information about upcoming games and expansions in the past, they aren’t exactly part of the core developmental team who would necessarily know such things for sure.

Although Sony has yet to issue a statement regarding this rumor, we have reached out to the company for comment and will amend this post as and when we hear back.

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