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The Last of Us Part II launch trailer shows a vengeful Ellie

The Last of Us Part II - Official Launch Trailer | PS4

With The Last of Us Part II on its way to the PlayStation 4 on June 19, Sony and Naughty Dog are drumming up as much excitement for the narrative-driven experience as possible. A new launch trailer for The Last of Us Part II was released Wednesday, which, although brief, shows Ellie as a protagonist driven by a thirst for vengeance.

Just under a minute long, the brief launch trailer for The Last of Us Part II consists of several short video clips. It also provides footage from the story trailer for the game released last month, including Ellie violently attacking enemies, walking away from Joel, and swinging an axe. On top of it are audio clips of Ellie revealing her intentions to exact vengeance, saying she’s “gonna kill every last one of them.”

The game is just over a week away, and much anticipation has been built up. Between the visually impressive trailers, new accessibility options, and visceral gameplay, the sequel to the 2013 PlayStation 3 classic has shown a great deal of promise.

Although Naughty Dog and Sony experienced some turmoil following a host of leaks, the future seems bright for the Sony exclusive.

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