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These leaked PlayStation 5 designs are close to the real thing

In late August, images of a rumored PlayStation 5 design began making the rounds, and they looked like nothing we had ever seen before. The console featured a large cutout on the top, with vents running along the inside, and some presumed it had to be a fake mockup by a clever fan. However, it appears that this might actually be the design of the PS5 — or at least its development kit.

The design was originally confirmed to be for the PlayStation 5’s development kit by Codemasters senior artist Matthew Scott, but after his original tweet was removed, it became unclear if the confirmation was accurate. A new feature from Wired appears to have done just that, remarking that the development kit it was shown looked quite similar to the renders we have already seen.

Sony was not willing to comment on whether this design is going to be similar to the final consumer model, but it would certainly be a change for the PlayStation brand. Typically, the consoles have been sleek but relatively standard in design, allowing for plenty of power and ventilation. Perhaps Sony is onto something with the cutout, and the smaller design would make it easier to fit on an entertainment center likely full of other consoles, streaming devices, and set-top boxes.

Thus far, this nod that perhaps the final PlayStation 5 will feature an odd design is more than Microsoft has revealed about the Xbox Scarlett’s form. We know about the console’s internals, which will be similar in power to the PS5, but not its final design. Microsoft made large leaps in this regard during the current generation, going from a VCR with the original Xbox One to a sleek, powerful, and cool machine in the Xbox One X.

The PS5 will feature several large improvements over the PS4 and PS4 Pro, including ray tracing through its GPU and the ability to only install certain parts of games. The new controller will also feature a new haptic feedback in place of traditional rumble, allowing for greater resistance for the triggers and analog sticks during gameplay.

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