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‘Lego Worlds’ builds on its success by offering online multiplayer option

For the past year, Lego enthusiasts of all ages have been building with Lego Worlds, a digital version of the world’s favorite construction toy. Now, the game is being fleshed out with a new feature that should make building a much more social experience.

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Warner Bros. Interactive, TT Games, and the Lego Group have announced that online multiplayer is being introduced to Lego Worlds. Players can now bring a friend into their game to collaborate on building projects — or simply tool around with the various activities and quests offered up by the game.

“Building and playing with friends is at the core of Lego play, and we’re excited to bring online multiplayer into Lego Worlds,” said Jonathan Smith, TT Games head of production, in a statement accompanying the announcement. “The online multiplayer experience offers unlimited possibilities for players to explore one another’s worlds, build and share creations, and just have fun together.”

Lego Worlds offers up environments that players can then populate with their own Lego builds. The introduction of this multiplayer component brings the title one step closer to the experience delivered by Minecraft, which is undoubtedly this title’s biggest competition.

The Lego brand at large is currently enjoying plenty of success in the video game market, with the next crop of content for Lego Dimensions receiving a favorable response, and franchise tie-ins like Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens remaining popular. However, Lego Worlds is a crucial project since it’s the only one of these titles that puts building at the core of its gameplay.

Lego Worlds is available now as part of the Steam Early Access program. From June 13 to 17, buying one copy of the game on Steam will reward players with another copy to give to a friend, in an effort to promote the new multiplayer options.

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