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More time rewinding awaits in Life is Strange: Episode 2, coming March 24

life is strange episode two march 24
Developer Dontnod’s first game Remember Me might have been promising, but in the end we weren’t exactly thrilled with it. Given all the criticism the writing received, most people were cautiously optimistic at best when Dontnod announced its story-heavy second game Life Is Strange, which saw its first episode released earlier this year.

Despite or perhaps because of the relatively low expectations many had for the game, the initial installment of Life Is Strange was fairly well-received. The game’s first episode, Chrysalis, introduces our protagonist Max Caulfield, as well as the main game mechanic: rewinding time. Though this has been seen before in action-heavy games, in Life Is Strange its main use is to make the most out of conversations. That might not sound like the height of excitement, but it works.

After the end credits rolled, the second episode was teased for March 2015, but you could almost hear Dontnod whispering “we hope.” As games broken up into individual episodes become more common, so do the missed deadlines and postponed releases. That was indeed the case with Life Is Strange, as the follow-up episode missed its March 13 release date, but fortunately the delay wasn’t a long one. Dontnod recently tweeted that episode 2 of the game will be released on all platforms (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One) on March 24.

The complete season of Life Is Strange can be purchased for $19.99, while individual episodes sell for $4.99. If you haven’t yet played the first episode, it’s only a few hours long so there is still plenty of time. If that sounds like too much work or you want a spoiler-heavy preview of it, check out our recap of the first episode.

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