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Life is Strange games and Guardians of the Galaxy coming to the Switch

The Switch’s third-party offerings are growing with three new titles announced for the mobile console at Nintendo’s E3 Direct event. The Life Is Strange: Remastered CollectionLife Is Strange: True Colors, and Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy game are all heading to the Nintendo Switch.

Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection will be launching later on this year while the franchise’s latest entry, Life Is Strange: True Colors, will be launching on September 10. The Remastered Collection, announced back in March, includes both Life Is Strange, Life Is Strange 2, and Before The Storm. The Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection is currently set to launch on September 30.

Life is Strange: True Colors features a new protagonist, Alex, who can use her psychic powers to learn about other people’s emotions. This psychic ability lets her sense each emotion a person is feeling at any given moment, letting players see the consequences of actions in a more vivid way.

Three Life Is Strange Games come to Nintendo Switch! | E3 2021

Square Enix’s newly revealed Guardians of the Galaxy title will also be heading to the Switch, although it’s not clear when. This title will put players in the rocket boots of Star-Lord, the series’ protagonist. Players will be able to command the Guardians of the Galaxy to perform extensive, hard-hitting combos in battle. There will also be some narrative choices for players to make throughout the game, which will have either small, funny consequences or larger ramifications that will be felt throughout the game.

It’s not clear if Guardians of the Galaxy will be launching along with other platforms on October 26.

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