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Logitech Announces Gaming Keyboard, Mouse

Peripheral and accessory maker Logitech has announced a new set of input devices for the PC gaming crowd: the G9 Laser Mouse and an updated G15 Gaming Keyboard. The G9 Laser Mouse features customizable grips and onboard memory to let gmers really get a grip on their entertainment, while the G15 Gaming Keyboard ships with built-in support for popular games and offers an exclusive LCD screen that displays crucial game info.

“Like professional athletes, PC gamers need equipment tailored to their body and their individual playing style,” said Rory Dooley, Logitech senior VP and general manager of the Control Devices business unit, in a release. “Gamers tell us over and over that they love to tweak their gear to achieve optimum performance. [..] Whether playing a first-person shooter game or a multi-player fantasy game, the G9 mouse, along with the newly refreshed Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard, gives PC gamers a winning combination.”

The G9 Laser Mouse comes with two interchangeable grips, dubbed Wide Load and Precision. The Wide Load is designed for long-term comfort and support, with a soft stin-y feel, while the Precision Grip offers a compact shape for fingertip control, and sure, DryGrip surface. The G9 also offers customized weight tuning and distribution by inserting up to four additional weights in a spring-loaded weight cartridge in the bottom of the mouse. Gamers can also create game-specific profiles for the mouse, and take their personalized settings with them to other computers using up to five profiles stored in the mouse’s own onboard memory. Mouse LED colors can also be linked to individual profiles.

The upgraded G15 Gaming Keyboard comes with built-in support for popular PC Games (including World of Warcraft,Quake Wars, and Battlefield 2142—sadly Solitaire was omitted)—the support enables the keyboard to display crucial information on its own integrated LCD panel. The G15 also offers six programmable macro keys with three modes each, and features backlit keys for dimly-lit gaming environments. There’s also a game mode switch that disables the Windows key, preventing players from accidently quitting their games during a frenzied firefight.

The G9 Laser Mouse and G15 Gaming Keyboard should be available in September; both will carry a suggested retail price of $99.99.

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