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How to unlock Bumper Ball Maze 1,2, and 3 in Mario Party

Everyone knows that Mario Party is one of the best party games out there. Even going back to the first game originally released on the N64, there are still dozens of hours of fun to be had by gathering up a group of friends or family members and rolling the dice together on all the fantastic boards. Thanks to the title now being available on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service, playing with friends is easier than ever now that the game has online play.




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  • Mario Party

While many people may never engage with it, Mario Party does actually have a single-player experience of sorts. You could obviously play the normal game against AI opponents, but there is something to be gained from exploring the solo experiences too. The most interesting thing you can unlock only by playing by yourself is the three Bumper Ball mazes. These are unique challenges based on the Bumper Ball mini-game that you can take on. If you're planning a party of one, here's how to unlock Bumper Ball Maze 1,2, and 3 in Mario Party.

Playing a mini-game in Mario Party.
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How to unlock Bumper Ball Maze 1

The first Bumper Ball Maze is the easiest maze of the bunch, and also the easiest to unlock. Here's how to get this test of balance.

Step 1: Start a game of Mini-Game Island with any character.

Step 2: Win against Toad in the final space.

Step 3: Go to the Mushroom shop, and Bumper Ball Maze 1 will appear under the 1-Player mini-games section.

How to unlock Bumper Ball Maze 2

While you might think the requirement to unlock Bumper Ball Maze 2 would just be to beat Bumper Ball Maze 1, you'd be mistaken. This will require quite a bit more work.

Step 1: Play Mini-Game Island with any character.

Step 2: Continue playing this mode until you have won all 50 mini-games, including the final space against Toad.

Step 3: Bumper Ball Maze 2 will now appear in the same place as the first.

How to unlock Bumper Ball Maze 3

The third, and most difficult, Bumper Ball Maze is your toughest challenge yet. Hopefully you've been practicing your balence because you'll need it.

Step 1: Set a new time record on Bumper Ball Maze 1.

Step 2: Set a new time record on Bumper Ball Maze 2.

Step 3: Bumper Ball 3 will now unlock.

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