Metal Gear Solid 5 ‘FOB insurance’ protects against invading players for a fee

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has introduced “FOB insurance” as part of its latest software update, giving players the option of protecting the goods stashed in their Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) from invading rivals.

FOB insurance is a paid service that players must purchase using in-game MB Coins, which in turn can be either earned via daily login bonuses or purchased outright with real-world money.

Currently, players participating in Metal Gear Solid 5‘s PvP component can have their customizable FOBs raided by online players at any time. If the player is not online to protect their FOBs, rivals can infiltrate the platforms and steal resources, weapons, and personnel, which are permanently lost at the victim’s next login.

With FOB insurance, stolen player resources are protected in the case of a successful infiltration. While rival players will receive all goods successfully stolen during an infiltration, the raided player will not be penalized with depleted resources.

Publisher Konami notes that FOB insurance only protects specific goods and personnel. Staff in an FOB’s brig or medical bay will not be replaced if captured, and soldiers deployed in order to stop an invasion aren’t covered by insurance either. Player-stored nuclear weapons are also ineligible for FOB insurance.

Insurance isn’t the only defensive option players have, however. Starting in Metal Gear Solid 5‘s latest update, players can equip their FOB security team with night vision goggles, increasing their effectiveness against players who invade under cover of darkness or with the aid of smoke grenades.

Also new to the update are optional “Event FOB” missions, in which players can infiltrate a developer-made base and steal away materials and staff without depriving another player of their earned resources. Invading these self-patrolled stations also protects against retaliation, as an opposing player is not part of the equation.

Other features launching with today’s patch include new online Combat Deployment missions, the ability to stealthily infiltrate player FOBs without notification, and new equipment with an increased maximum level of Grade 7.