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Metro 2033 sequel releases its first trailer

In March of 2010, an interesting and unusual first-person shooter was released amongst a sea of big name competitors. Metro 2033 did not have a major advertising budget, it wasn’t part of an existing franchise, and it didn’t have an online multiplayer. And yet somehow the game managed to gain traction and build a small cult following, enough so that a sequel has been announced, and work on it is well underway.

The original game was unique in a few ways. The dystopian future setting of Moscow’s underground made for an interesting location, but the truly memorable thing about the game was the lack of resources. As you wandered through the mutant-infested sewers of Moscow with just one flashlight that is constantly in need of a charge, the claustrophobic setting became a character of its own. Then as your ammo dwindled to dangerous levels, the oppressive world became more and more immersive.

No details have been given on Metro: Last Light yet, except that you once again play as Artyom, the game will be set in 2034, and the Moscow metro will once again be the setting.

Metro: Last Light is due out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 sometime in 2012, but you can expect to hear more about this game at E3 next week.

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