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Metro Redux coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 26

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Deep Silver confirmed today that Metro Redux, the next-gen remastering of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, will be available in stores and for download on August 26.

Redux presents the definitive editions of Deep Silver’s post-apocalyptic shooters, including all previously released DLC and additional content new for Redux, totaling roughly 30 hours for one playthrough. The older title in particular benefits from a complete facelift, rebuilt from the ground up using the newer Last Light‘s game engine. That includes both aesthetic improvements such as lighting and environmental destruction, and also gameplay enhancements like sharper enemy AI, stealth mechanics, and weapon customization. As the newer game, Last Light is less obviously altered, but still benefits from improved character animations and new abilities to check your watch and ammunition on the fly.

You have three gameplay modes to choose from for tackling each game. Spartan gives you the high-octane, run-and-gun tempo of a full-blown shooter (in the spirit of Last Light), while Survival forces you to slow down and count your bullets in the measured, anxiety-producing pace of survival horror (closer to the feel of 2033). The most hardcore can also activate Ranger Mode, which sits on top of either Spartan or Survival and jacks up the difficulty for the most grounded, immersive experience.

The collection can be purchased together at retail or separately as downloads. In addition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Metro Redux is also available for Windows, with Linux and SteamOS versions to follow later this year.

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