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Metroid Dread: Suit upgrades guide

In Metroid Dread, Samus has several suits at her disposal, each with its own abilities and attributes. Having the right suit for the job will no doubt lead you to success, but some of them are cleverly hidden in hard-to-reach spaces. While you’ll likely eventually stumble upon the suit you need, some players might want to know exactly where everything is ahead of time.

And that’s where we come in. Here, we’ll show you all the suits in the game, with guides on how to track them down. These are the four suit upgrades available in Metroid Dread.

Spoiler alert: Minor spoilers for Metroid Dread follow.

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Power Suit

Samus poses after killing a boss in Metroid Dread.

The starting suit, known as the Power Suit, is unlocked by default. This suit resembles the one from Metroid Fusion, with blue and white colors throughout. The Power Suit does give Samus special abilities such as speed and defense but is rather basic compared to the others. You won’t be able to enter areas with extreme heat or freezing temperatures with this suit.

Varia Suit

Varia Suit in Metroid Dread.

The first unlockable suit is the Varia Suit, which has been in the series before. This suit gives Samus higher defense from enemy attacks, along with heat resistance. You’ll be able to enter rooms with high temperatures (though not lava rooms yet) with this suit, which is required to finish the game. It also looks similar to Samus’ original red, white, and orange suit.

Map of Varia Suit in Metroid Dread.

You find this suit fairly early in the game in the Artaria location. However, you need to unlock the Morph Ball ability, which is given to you after you take out the E.M.M.I. in Cataris. Once you’ve defeated this enemy and unlocked the Morph Ball, you’ll be able to take a teleporter device from Cataris to Artaria, spawning you very close to the location of the suit. Follow the map above to reach this area and you’ll need to make your way through a series of rooms being destroyed by fire and explosions. After this, you’ll find the room with the Chozo Statue that contains the Varia Suit upgrade.

Gravity Suit

Gravity Suit from Metroid Dread.

The next one is the Gravity Suit, and this one is a satisfying upgrade to use, thanks to its unique properties. It improves your damage resistance and allows you to traverse through frozen rooms, along with lava rooms. In addition, this suit lets Samus move freely underwater, which is a major step up since she normally navigates very slowly. It also increases Samus’ dash melee damage. This is yet another essential suit that helps you get to some of the harder-to-reach areas.

Map of Gravity Suit location in Metroid Dread.

To find it, head to Burenia toward the area on the map above. You’ll first need to have unlocked the Morph Ball, Pulse Radar, and the Space Jump to access the Gravity Suit. Then, make your way to the lower section of Burenia from the right side and you’ll be able to collect the suit from a Chozo Statue.

Metroid Suit

Metroid Suit from Metroid Dread.

The final suit is the Metroid Suit, which is automatically given to you at the end of the game. After you’ve defeated Raven Beak, the fortress collapses and Samus realizes her true power. Here, she gains access to the Metroid Suit, featuring a more natural look than the ones prior. Thanks to Samus’ Metroid DNA, the suit gives her extra power and defense, along with a powerful beam. This suit is only usable during the final section of the game and is tied to the story, more so than the gameplay. Once you finish the game, you don’t have access to the Metroid Suit anymore, sadly, as Quiet Robe sacrifices himself to stabilize Samus, thus ridding her of the suit so she can safely escape.

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