Microsoft unveils high-spec customizable controller for Xbox One and PC

Microsoft has announced a new controller at E3, seemingly targeted at the hardcore gaming audience. The device promises extra precision, as well as some potentially game-changing customization options. This enhanced version of the controller comes just days after it was announced that the standard model is set to be bundled with the consumer release of the Oculus Rift.

Contrary to most console controllers, it will be possible to remap input across the entirety of the controller. In addition to this, you’ll be able to swap out components like the directional pad and analogue sticks to fit your personal preferences. Gameplay clips in the announcement video showed the difference between set-ups used for FPS titles like Halo 5: Guardians and fighting games like Killer Instinct.

One particularly interesting detail of the Elite Controller is the presence of four paddles on the reverse of the device. This gives players an extra set of inputs to use when their thumbs and forefingers are otherwise engaged, offering up a new set of possibilities for control schemes. However, since these paddles aren’t set to be introduced on standard Xbox One controllers, they’re likely to be restricted to player-created mappings.

Additionally, the triggers on this controller are fitted with a locking system designed to let players fine-tune their settings. With plenty of big releases set for this holiday season, the Elite Controller might be an essential purchase for any Xbox One players looking to stay competitive online — and given that it’s PC compatible, it might even tempt some of that crowd away from their mouse and keyboard.

No information about pricing or a release date was given during the conference, although it’s expected that we’ll know more details before the end of E3.

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