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Minecraft celebrates Sonic’s 30th anniversary with new DLC

Minecraft and Sonic the Hedgehog have come together for a new collaboration, which starts today. To celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary Minecraft players can play as the blue hedgehog in a new DLC that recreates the spirit of the iconic franchise. The Sonic Character Creator item is free to download on the Minecraft Marketplace starting today.

Minecraft - Sonic the Hedgehog DLC - Nintendo Switch

The DLC creates procedurally generated levels for players to speed across that are inspired by the Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, and other famous Sonic the Hedgehog levels. The trailer shows off 3D levels, as well as side-scrolling levels. Sonic can be seen rolling into a ball and moving faster, and Knuckles is shown flying in the air. The new Character Creator items appear to have more functionality than basic Minecraft skins.

According to the Minecraft site, the levels are filled with rings to collects and bosses to fight. Players can also get their hands on a Sonic skin, as well as skins for Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow. Besides the playable characters, the DLC will also include iconic enemies and fan-favorite characters like the Chao.

There will also be a two-week-long event hosted by The Hive that will be filled with mini-games and feature a full server-hub takeover. Tails’ biplane and Shadow’s motorcycle are featured in the trailer, suggesting that players can drive these iconic vehicles. The Hive promises that there will be something special happening on one of the weekends and encourages players to check in so they do not miss out.

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