Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack Available on PS3 and PC

modern warfare 2 resurgence pack available on ps3 and pc mw2 carnival 650

The wait is finally over. After a solid month of hearing taunts from  friends playing Modern Warfare 2‘s new maps on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC gamers will finally get their shot at playing the three new maps, and two renovated maps from the original Modern Warfare.

The “Resurgence Package” was originally released June 3 on the Xbox 360, as part of an exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Activision that will give 360 users a month head start on any downloads for the Call of Duty franchise.

The downloadable map pack will introduce three original maps: Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel, as well as the slightly modified versions of the maps Strike and Vacant from Modern Warfare.

The first map, Carnival, is set in an abandoned amusement park; with several building, high points and multiple pathways for ranged fighting.  Trailer Park is a much more confined area that thrives on close quarters, ambush points and mid-range battles.  Fuel is the largest map in the game, located in an oil refinery in the desert with several large buildings, refineries and tunnels .

The maps were released today on the PlayStation Network and on Steam, and both will cost $14.99. Sales figures have yet to be released for the “Resurgence Pack” on Xbox Live, but they are expected to be similar to the earlier map pack, the “Stimulus Package”, which sold was downloaded by a record-setting 2.5 million gamers in one week on the Xbox 360 alone.