Minecraft developer’s Cobalt brings Space Hamster to Xbox and PC in October

Mojang, the Swedish studio behind the indie breakout hit Minecraft, announced that it has partnered with Microsoft Studios to bring the multiplayer platformer Cobalt to Xbox consoles and PC platforms later this year.

Cobalt is Mojang’s third published game after Minecraft and its follow-up tactical RPG Scrolls. It’s also Mojang’s first published game to be developed by an outside studio, with the Minecraft creator serving in a publishing role.

Developed by Oxeye Game Studio, Cobalt is a competitive 2D platformer for up to eight local or online players. The game boasts 30 multiplayer maps, dozens of weapons, and gameplay mechanics that hinge on its highly maneuverable characters.

Cobalt‘s combat-focused gameplay equips players with an array of evasive maneuvers, allowing them to dodge incoming projectiles using an automated slow-motion mechanic. Players can dodge in multiple directions, and fired projectiles can deflect and ricochet off one another, ensuring chaotic slow-motion firefights throughout.

Though gameplay largely focuses on its multiplayer component, Cobalt includes a story-driven adventure mode in which players can take on AI opponents solo or with a co-op partner. Cobalt also boasts a series of high-stakes multiplayer challenges across its six included gameplay modes.

Other features promised by Cobalt‘s launch trailer include “unnecessary galaxy simulation,” “space hamsters,” and “underpowered boomerangs,” among other unconventional additions.

The Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Cobalt are developed by FatShark, a studio that previously produced 2011’s physics-driven platformer Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, along with more recent fare like Bloodsports.tv, Escape Dead Island, and War of the Vikings. After its founding in 2008, FatShark struck a deal with former members of shuttered Bionic Commando Rearmed studio Grin to create BitSquid, a game engine that powers recent titles like Gauntlet and Helldivers.

Cobalt will launch for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac, and Linux in October 2015. An alpha version for Windows and Mac is available for purchase right now via Cobalt‘s official website.