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The 8 coolest Minecraft houses

When Minecraft was launched in 2011 by Mojang Studios, the world found a new way to create, explore, and adventure through virtual worlds. Minecraft allows you to pick your play style, whether you’d rather duke it out against creatures in survival mode or craft architectural masterpieces in creative mode. We’ve gathered some of the coolest Minecraft houses we could find, with many even offering tutorials so that you can recreate them in your own Minecraft realm. Here are the best Minecraft houses we found crafted by other players.

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Autumn Wooden house

We can’t help but feel a sense of warmth whenever we see this picturesque wooden house built by Zaypixel. It’s a creation that we would move into if it were available here in the real world, but hey, we know video games are more fun. Not only is the house adorable, but it hosts several features, including a bedroom, kitchen area with an eating nook, a roaring fireplace, and a beautiful view of the autumn foliage. Best of all, Zaypixel’s video includes instructions for constructing the home yourself. Just prep a cup of hot cider before building this home, as you’ll want to cuddle up as soon as you are finished.

Minecraft Modern House

Modern architecture is seen as a marriage of both form and function with its stark colors and sharp right angles. This home by Keralis shows us exactly why the style is so desirable. Start by exploring the property, sporting a games area, outdoor swimming pool, and terraced yard, before heading inside. When you are ready, take a walk through the courtyard and step through the glass door to lead into a gorgeous modern piece of art. We recommend taking a moment to enjoy the upstairs living area, which features a magnificent view of the surrounding Minecraft landscape.

Minecraft Realistic Mansion

Most of us can’t afford a mansion, but that’s another great reason to download Minecraft! This realistic mansion designed by YouTuber Minecraft Builder sits upon a regal property, along with a large lagoon-style pool, fire pit, tennis court, and guest house. The mansion has many rooms to explore, and it’s big enough to invite your favorite Minecraft friends over for the night. We recommend entering the house by the front entrance, where you get a good idea of its grand scale, then enjoy exploring — just don’t get lost in the hallways!

Minecraft Medieval Castle

Maybe modern options aren’t for you, and you prefer a touch of fantasy in your life. This Minecraft Medieval Castle is presented in a jaw-dropping time-lapse by Cortezerino. As they state in their video description, the entire construction was done in survival mode and took around five months to complete — that’s quite a bit of dedication! The castle features medieval-style rooms, towers that stretch to the sky, and a courtyard area protected by defensive walls. All this castle needs is a proper king or queen to rule the land.

Minecraft Japanese House

A traditional Japanese house can be quite a relaxing site, and this creation by Bluebits helps you see exactly why that’s the case. Classic Japanese architecture, surrounded by a zen garden, Japanese-style bridge, and a plethora of foliage, travels us back in time. If you want to step inside the house for yourself, Bluebits has provided a tutorial so that you can get started on your own; he even claims the process is relatively easy. If you are playing in survival mode, it also requires minimal materials, making it a bit more manageable to forage what’s needed.

Minecraft Ultimate Farm House

If farming is one of your favorite activities in Minecraft, then take a closer look at this Ultimate Farm House, designed by MAB JUNS. A terraced wooden layout allows for multiple farming plots so that you can grow all the essentials. The construction might not seem as grand as some other homes we have spotlighted, but the charm it brings touched our sensibilities. The property even offers multiple spots for corralling your Minecraft horses.

Minecraft Underground Survival Base

We mentioned survival mode before, so what’s better than an underground survival base if that’s the mode you intend on tackling? Folli shows off what they call a “small and simple underground base/house with everything you need to start.” We enjoy some of the fun underground touches that Folli throws in, which we’ll leave as a surprise so that you can have the thrill of discovering them yourself. Coolest of all, this underground base looks great from above and isn’t hidden entirely from the surrounding world thanks to its glass roof.

Minecraft Hobbit Hole

Another splendid entry from Zaypixel is this Minecraft Hobbit Hole. Take a step into the world of Tolkien and start crafting your home into the side of a small hill, from which you can launch your future adventures to keep the land peaceful. Don’t worry, living in the side of a hill isn’t as bad as it first sounds; sure, there is a ton of dirt to move, but the final construction is quite homey. Go ahead, check out this tutorial by Zaypixel and recreate it yourself, but if you do find a magic ring — guard it responsibly, please.

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