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‘Monster Hunter: World’ welcomes veteran street fighters Ryu and Sakura

Monster Hunter: World - Street Fighter Collaboration
Capcom is no stranger to bonus characters, and the epic action-RPG Monster Hunter: World is no exception. Just days after its console release, the Capcom blog announced that Street Fighter favorites Ryu and Sakura would soon be joining the action.

Each character comes with new armor sets, which can’t be mixed with other armor pieces. The full sets can be equipped by either male or female characters, however, and their voices can be changed to match the individual Street Fighter.

The armor sets must be unlocked by completing special quests. For PlayStation 4 owners who have a Street Fighter V save file on their console, a special quest will appear shortly, called “Down the Dark Muddy Path.” Completing the quest will reward you with some tickets that the smithy will exchange for the new armor.

Monster hunters on Xbox One and PS4 without the necessary save file will have a bit longer to wait. A new Event Quest will premiere sometime soon, opening up the opportunity for everyone to acquire the bonus items.

Some special chat stamps and iconic gestures (Hadouken and Shoryuken) are also on the way. These items will soon be available in the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store:

  • Guild Card: Bonus Stage (Free)
  • Achievements: Rival, Destined, Living Legend and Bandana Girl (Free)
  • Pose: Shoryuken & Hadoken (Free)
  • Gesture: Street Fighter V Hadoken ($4)
  • Gesture: Street Fighter V Shoryuken ($4)
  • Stamp Set: Street Fighter V Set ($2)

This won’t be the end of crossover characters either, as Capcom previously announced that Mega Man will be joining the game as a Palico, a sidekick companion to help complete quests. The Blue Bomber will come equipped with his own set of weapons accompanied by a classic Mega Man soundtrack.

In our review, we found Monster Hunter: World to be an epic update of the cult classic franchise that’s surprisingly accessible to newcomers. We’ve also got a monster-hunting beginner’s guide to help you get started and provide some help with those elder dragon and wyvern battles.

Monster Hunter: World is presently only available on consoles, although a PC version (a first for the series) is currently being optimized and is planned for a fall 2018 release.

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