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MultiVersus: Taz tips and tricks

The cast of MultiVersus is perhaps second only to Fortnite in terms of how disparate they seem from one another. Prior to this game, there was probably no scenario in which anyone would expect Bugs Bunny to interact with Arya Stark, and yet this game lets you control them in a Smash Bros.-style fighter. However, MultiVersus doesn’t just rest on being a wacky mashup of characters from all across WB’s franchises. It is a competent and competitive game that encourages you to learn the characters to come out on top.

Taz has been widely considered to be one of the top-tier characters in MultiVersus, even though he’s been nerfed in multiple ways. Even if you weren’t aware, odds are you’ve run up against plenty of players choosing this brown tornado of destruction online and have been tempted to give him a shot yourself. Just because a character is technically more powerful than others, you still need to know how to utilize their strengths in order to make them work. Nerfed or not, here are the tips and tricks you need to win as Taz in MultiVersus.

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Taz overview

Harley quinn and taz looking afar.
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Taz falls into the Bruiser class of MultiVersus characters and is specifically a horizontal fighter. That means you do best on the ground and shouldn’t try and get too fancy with any aerial bouts. Bruisers are very strong but not all that quick, so teaming up with a support-style character is your best option whenever possible.

Taz also comes with the natural passive ability that inflicts the Tasty status on enemies. You’ll instantly recognize when this triggers as they turn into massive cooked chickens and can no longer fight back. If that wasn’t strong enough, each time you hit them while in the chicken form, drumsticks will fall out that can heal you or your partner.

Essentially, Taz is going to do his best when knocking enemies off the sides of the stage in the middle of the fight. Even though he’s slightly slow, you will want to be rushing down foes so they can’t zone you out.

Taz perks

There are a ton of perks Taz can pick up, but the best ones to look for start with Iron Stomach. This perk unlocks at level eight and lets you consume a projectile and spit it back out as an anvil. This helps cover Taz’s weakness at range and can punish characters trying to stay away.

Another great perk is Percussive Punch Power to give you a straight-up 5% damage buff. Since Taz is already a powerhouse of a fighter, 5% more damage is a substantial buff.

For defense, Absorb ‘n’ Go lets you recover any cooldowns 7% faster if hit by a projectile. While never ideal to get hit, at least you gain something out of it with this.

Finally, the last perk you should go for is the Tasmanian Trigonometry perk. Having this gives Taz, and whoever you have on your team, 15% more knockback on attacks. Considering that knockback is how you are going to be eliminating your opponents, this is an obvious pick.

Best moves and combos

Tom and Jerry, Stephen Universe, Superman, and Shaggy fight in MultiVersus.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

During the early parts of a match, and when an enemy has just respawned, inflicting Tasty should be your top priority. Most of Taz’s moves do this, so you likely won’t have to think about it much, but it can keep you healthy enough to hardly worry about getting eliminated yourself.

Taz doesn’t really have a lot of combo potential since his moves tend to have long windups and generally are made to deal all their damage at once. That being said, you need to take into account that start-up to avoid enemies countering you with a faster attack or dodge when possible. The only real combo potential is to sneak in a down air attack into a side special.

Always avoid letting ranged characters get away from you, and counter with the Iron Stomach as much as possible.

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