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Best characters in MultiVersus

Fighting games all aim to be as balanced as possible with their rosters. This is a very difficult thing to do, though. The more characters you have and the more variety there is between them, the harder it is to make each one feel fair when matched up against the others. No game will ever get this perfectly right, but there’s always the human element to consider as well that can allow for categorically worse characters to beat better ones. Still, it never takes long for a tier list to emerge ranking how each fighter stacks up.

MultiVersus is an ongoing game both in terms of adding new characters and tweaking those characters after launch. As metas arrive, anything deemed too overpowered or underpowered can be updated at a moment’s notice. No matter how many tweaks are made, some characters just seem to be built better than others. While picking one of these “best” characters won’t guarantee you a victory, it certainly won’t hurt. If you want to know which of these eclectic fighters stands at the top of the tier list, as of now, here are the best characters in MultiVersus.

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Harley hugging Taz.

Just like his cartoon, Taz is an absolute force of nature in MultiVersus. He’s unmatched in close combat, which is how almost every encounter will go in MultiVersus, especially due to his ability to apply the Tasty status on enemies. Once built up, this will turn enemies into friend chickens that, when hit, will drop wings that Taz and his partner can pick up to regain health. Oh, and they also can’t attack while in this state to make it even better. His Taz-nado move was, believe it or not, even stronger before, but even after getting nerfed, it’s still an incredibly deadly move. Leveled up with a full set of perks, Taz is nearly a one-man army.

Harley Quinn

Harley quinn and taz looking afar.

Assassin class characters are meant for dealing high damage, but typically at the cost of being easy to kill themselves. While that’s technically true for Harley, she has tons of ways to mitigate that downside. For one, her attacks all come out very fast and are easily comboed into one another. She also has several options for dealing damage at a safe distance, the most annoying of which is her Stuffie Bat. This is a remote explosive that can even be stuck to enemies, allowing her to blow them up whenever she wishes. If you can master her movement and utilize all her tools, Harley is nearly unbeatable.


Shaggy going ultra instinct.

They may have let Shaggy do a Super Saiyan power-up, but he’s not quite that strong. Still, he easily stands among the best in the game for his sheer power and easy-to-play nature. His previously mentioned power-up buffs his attacks to deal massive damage, plus he has a move for just about every situation. Shaggy is also a menace in the air thanks to tons of recovery and attack options for anyone brave enough to chase opponents off the stage to get a spike. Between his normal combo, projectile, uppercut, and air combos, Shaggy is equipped for battle at any range. Just make sure you charge him up to reach his full potential.

LeBron James

Rick and Morty and LeBron posing in MultiVersus key art.

One of the first added characters to MultiVersus, the king of the court is almost just as powerful on the battlefield. His basic kit, like Shaggy, is what makes him such a strong character right out of the gate. Nearly every attack or combo ender has the potential to launch opponents clear off the stage. Like the player, LeBron isn’t just focused on himself. He has the ability to pass the ball to his teammates to give buffs to make both fighters even more deadly. He’s best played with a partner you have a good flow with rather than a pure powerhouse on his own, but a strong team will always beat a strong individual.


Batman holding Shaggy.

Just below the others, Batman appears to take the next slot on our list. He’s similar to Harley in that he has a large selection of gadgets for different situations, only without the raw power she comes packing. One thing he does have over Harley, however, is his mobility. He can’t technically fly, but thanks to his grapple, which you can use as many times as you want, there’s basically no reason to touch the ground if you don’t want to. He’s best as a hit-and-run-style fighter, constantly moving around to avoid long encounters and using his gadgets to set up opportune moments to strike.

Bugs Bunny

Shaggy, Arya Stark, Batman, and Buds Bunny on an Acme rocket.

Last up, it’s the WB legend himself, Bugs Bunny. This notorious trickster is just as, well, tricky to read in MultiVersus as he is in his cartoons. For as hard to predict as his specials are for opponents, they will equally take you some time to learn yourself. Once you do, though, he is packed with moves that can buff your teammate and apply statuses to enemies. His special that blows kisses is especially effective at stunning opponents, and he can even dig underground to get out of otherwise terrible situations scot-free. He’s well-rounded and can certainly stand toe to toe in many encounters, but he’s a little tough to learn and adjust to.

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