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Fortnite’s latest collaboration brings Naruto to the game

Content from the popular anime Naruto is officially coming to Fortnite, confirming leaks that have been teasing players for months. The new content was announced via the Fortnite Twitter page and will hit the in-game marketplace next week on November 16.

Fortnite's Naruto reveal image, showcasing an 11/16/21 release date.

The popular battle royale has become known for its out-of-this-world crossovers and character additions. Just recently, League of LegendsJinx became a playable skin in the game. Now, Naruto is joining the likes of her, Superman, Thanos, LeBron James, and many more.

Aside from the release date, the actual details of what’s included in the Naruto collaboration are scarce. Many leaks have shown that cosmetics such as kunai and ninja scrolls will appear in the pack. There are also official Japanese advertisements showcasing a few pieces of the content pack, including Kakashi’s dog, Pakkun, as back-bling.

While not much has been officially shown, the official reveal image makes it clear that the pack is focused on the sequel to the original Naruto series, Naruto: Shippuden. That means all cosmetics will probably be based around that series, as opposed to the original.

There’s a lot that Epic could include in this pack, but it’s going to be a waiting game to see what is actually coming. While the leaks and ads hint at multiple skins featured, nothing has been set in stone. Players can get their hands on Fortnite‘s Naruto: Shippuden pack next week on November 16.

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