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A redesigned Xbox Elite controller is rumored to be in the works at Microsoft

Xbox Elite
The premium Xbox Elite controller might receive a second iteration, according to new rumors originating on the Chinese website Baidu. If true, the next generation of the Xbox Elite controller could include features such as Bluetooth support for Windows 10, a USB-C charging port, three-level hair-trigger locks, increased range of motion for paddles, and a three-profile switch.

A Baidu user shared multiple images of the purportedly revamped controller as proof of the new design.

As reported by The Verge, Microsoft filed a patent in December for controller features that match the images and description. The patent listed “an adjustable tension thumbstick mechanism” and three LED lights next to one of the sticks. Both features were highlighted in the images shared on Baidu.

The addition of the USB-C charging port means the controller would include a built-in rechargeable battery, a first for a Microsoft-branded wireless controller.

Reddit user EDDS86 reposted the Baidu images alongside what would appear to be the full controller redesign. Unlike the original, the rubberized grips on each side of the controller extend all the way around. The first version of the Elite controller featured rubber only along the backside of each grip.

The Verge independently verified the images, but it remains to be seen if Microsoft will actually release the retooled controller to the public, according to the report. In addition to testing the new controller design, Microsoft has been toying with a new carrying case that also acts as a portable charger.

The Xbox Elite controller, by far the nicest console controller ever made, originally launched in 2015 at the premium price of $150 for use with Xbox One and PC. The controller includes four removable paddles, three pairs of thumbsticks, two removable D-pads, hair-trigger locks, and button mapping to help gamers customize their experience.

Essentially, the new model would fix a few nagging issues from the original design — mainly the lack of a rechargeable battery — and add more customization options, which is exactly what a controller at such as steep asking price should offer.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to confirm the authenticity of the redesign report for ourselves, and will update when we get more information.

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