Ni No Kuni II extended trailer revealed after Playstation Experience event

The next installment in Level-5’s hit RPG series Ni No Kuni II: Revanant Kingdom was announced in a video at this year’s Playstation Experience. It’s the sequel to 2013’s Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for PlayStation 3, which was itself an enhanced remake of the original Nintendo DS game. Level-5 will be once again be teaming up with famed Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli to bring this game to the PlayStation 4.

Publisher Bandai Namco followed up on the initial video from the Experience event with an extended version. “While the announcement trailer at PlayStation Experience showed the first look at the game, we have a special treat for all of you coming soon, in the way of a Director’s Cut version of the announcement trailer which features more than a minute of new footage showcasing even more of the great animation, characters, and story for Revenant Kingdom.”

Meanwhile, Sony has yet to correct an erroneous YouTube post described as the announcement trailer for Ni No Kuni II. It was abundantly clear from the blood splatter and decapitations that there was something off about this clip (when they do correct it, you can still check out the hilarious confusion and wisecracks in the comments section). It is in fact a preview of the upcoming Ni-Oh release for PS4, which was first announced as a PS3 exclusive in 2004, and has been stuck in development hell ever since.

The real Ni No Kuni trailer shows a new cast of characters as well as a fresh storyline, but fans will be happy to hear the name of one familiar locale: Ding Dong Dale. The story goes that King Evan Pettywhisker (typical NNK cuteness overload) was ousted from his throne by some sinister characters in metal Mouseketeer helmets. The coup appears to be led by a grinning anthropomorphic rat. But the boy king has a friend in the appearance of Roland, a “visitor from another world.”

A knife-wielding badass who may or may not be the queen mother helps fight off the invaders, but suffers for it. It is evident that her fate led to the boy’s inheritance of the kingdom, as his subjects pledge their loyalty to his majesty. There is also a coronation scene, in which we see that the head that holds the crown is indeed heavy, and in this case, not big enough to fill it. But Pettywhisker is determined to “build a kingdom where everyone can live happily ever after.” Sniffle.

The gorgeous graphics and sweeping soundtrack are what we’ve come to expect from the Ni No Kuni series. An announcement date has not been announced, but we’re looking forward to more trailers and updates for this highly anticipated game.

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